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NAMM 2014: M-Audio Trigger Finger Pro
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This looks to be pretty awesome, looking forward to a review on this puppy.

22-Jan-14 10:17 PM

amt8    Said...

What I want to know is when they're going to certify their MIDIsport drivers for Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, ............

22-Jan-14 10:52 PM

EMwhite    Said...

So is it 'like' MASCHINE but without all of the splicing business; maybe more general purpose and not married to any particular piece of software?

Curious about build quality; looks to have a lot of features for low-cost (about the cost of Mikro?)

22-Jan-14 11:14 PM

geo303    Said...

This could be THE pad controller / sequencer to beat! If they market this correctly and dont abandon it like they did with the Venom etc. it has much potential. The x0x step sequencer is like Yamaha Ry-10 and Korg EM-1 good.

23-Jan-14 12:37 AM

David    Said...

I just want a standalone midi pad controller that doesn't need a computer to operate! grrr.

23-Jan-14 02:31 AM

wow    Said...

tomorrow's sound today, you say?

It's the future, now!!!

23-Jan-14 09:45 AM

frank Bushel    Said...

Great question Nick, It doesn't make sound and its computer dependant. The word 'rubbish' springs to mind and also , midi controller number 5888 . How many versions of the same product are out there?

23-Jan-14 01:57 PM

circuitslave    Said...

Nick, I've seen other videos on this new controller, but they haven't really shown the TR-style step sequencer in action. Does it have the chasing lights? Are they above the buttons or incorporated into the buttons like the Korg Electribes. From the video , it looks like they might be static :/

24-Jan-14 12:39 AM

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