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Any Microphone You Want
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Marcus    Said...

Steven responded in a thread at gearslutz that pricing will be in the 2k range for two mic's the preamp and the plugin. This could be interesting in a very successful way if it delivers the goods.

22-Jan-14 12:45 PM

D4    Said...

Steven is one of the least respected individuals in the industry in no small measure due to his own personal behaviour and dominant A**hole DNA makeup.

22-Jan-14 01:18 PM

Dan E    Said...

It seems promising, strange with all the modeling products available someone did not come with this sooner, certainly someone more reputable.

And I disagree with the other post, Steven is not an A'Hole, he is a first class douche. Then an A'Hole!

22-Jan-14 03:06 PM

WTF    Said...

Can someone please explain where all Slate hate is coming from? Personal experience (porked your mom) or bad products (oh shit now they are emulating that, all my mojo gear found it's way to talanted people, I'm done for). Just joking, but seriously someone explain.

22-Jan-14 04:29 PM

PR-hateohhate    Said...

I judge any product on the end result and pricing, not the developer.

That said, Steven not getting a quality vocalist in to do the demonstration and subjecting us to his 'foghorn' wreaks of self-aggrandizement and/or cheapness.... somehow the meter probably leans further to the former...... sheesh.

22-Jan-14 05:01 PM

Richard    Said...

To "WTF": It's simply because Steven has burned a lot of bridges in this industry and acted well within the range described on this good days, and far worse on others.

I can speak from personal experience, but I think I will just let it know the saying what goes around....well I think it's a little of that coming his way.

22-Jan-14 06:30 PM

Steve    Said...

Wow it's not like the internet to feature negative opinions based on zero evidence or examples. You just have to assume jealousy I guess

23-Jan-14 02:44 AM

Mercurial    Said...

I think we hurt Steve's feelings here. I don't personally know Steve nor have I ever had any interactions. If this solely based on his demeanor and appearance, yes I can see how he might be a douche and an A-hole.

Yet once cannot base that on appearance alone. Those assumptions only generally prove to be true....about 90% of the time. Here's hoping for Steve's sake he resides squarely in the other 10%.

23-Jan-14 10:13 AM

Marcus    Said...

If these negative reactions is solely based on his demeanor, I must say I don't agree. He is the boss of his company and a salesman with great products. Him using it him self to me shows that he puts trust in what he is selling and is hands on with his company. I put trust and value in anyone who has the guts to be that kind of CEO. I don't have all the facts here but based on that none of the previous posters seems to be able to specify what their grudge is I'm thinking people just got an attitude.

25-Jan-14 12:10 PM

ronbsmoov    Said...

Personally...I LOVE his products and am looking forward to this VMS. Antares did the mic modeling plugin already, but this indeed raises the bar....WAY UP.

Sooo...what's next pramps? oh...forgot...Focusrite did that already...oops.

01-Apr-14 01:31 PM

yoyopoc    Said...

His products are second to none and that's from an old dude that started in analogue in the seventies and now works fully digital, Steve's work brought back the mojo.

03-Apr-14 02:51 PM

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