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NAMM 2014: UAD Apollo Twin - Thunderbolt Desktop Interface
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TB Tracker    Said...

Brilliant! How do you adjust the level of disk playback tracks? Is that done in the Console app (I hope) or by adjusting the Master Fader in your DAW ?

23-Jan-14 03:58 PM

Baby Brown    Said...

This is sweet but no PC version. Big mistake - especially for a desktop product.

23-Jan-14 04:27 PM

Mesa    Said...

Looks like you fudged the pricing there.

Solo is $699 (you listed Duo) Duo is $899 (you listed Quad)

23-Jan-14 04:32 PM

Todd    Said...

Any chance that it will work with iPad?

28-Jan-14 09:39 PM

Regan    Said...

Really surprised that there is not a PC version given Apple's craptacular customer support.

29-Jan-14 09:23 PM

Mr music    Said...

Yep, no PC support = no good.

I'm not dumb enough to work on simplified apple products. Although I must point out that thunderbolt is great for bandwidth hogging film editing and compositing layered visuals but USB 2 let alone 3 doesn't Come close to saturation unless recording 24 tracks at 96/ 24 and all in realtime so its kids overkill. But then again, more is always better!

07-Mar-14 10:40 PM

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