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Roland Aira Teaser Video
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GTRman    Said...

Wow, that was a pretty vague. Are they talking about a new drum machine or how much they love there cymbals? I still have no clue what Aira is about. Did anyone see the teaser for Electron new drum machine. This thing looks awesome. I just purchased an Analog Four and love it. I cannot wait to play this new box.

21-Jan-14 10:51 AM

Yoki jujizo    Said...

Nobody gives a shit about the new gay elektron . Roland aira is what we need. Every drum machine purchased by electronic Music heads was intended to come close the a tr909 or 808 . I was intersted in both elektron and tempest machines for that very purpose now I don't need to be . Bring on the aira designed by the exact engineers who created the 909 and 808 . Has to be the closest thing u could get and even better

21-Jan-14 11:17 AM

Chaka    Said...

The Jomox xbase 09 is still the best 909/808 clone under a grand. LFO's and pitch mode where you can play it like a synth.

21-Jan-14 11:41 AM

Ze MigL    Said...

Talking about 909 while all sounds on the “sound track” are still 808’s .. strange aproach .. the only 909 sound I could really spot was the Ride Cymbal

21-Jan-14 12:44 PM

2bit    Said...

too little too late. thats all i gotta say

21-Jan-14 12:53 PM

3bit    Said...

Too late for what, 2bit?

21-Jan-14 02:21 PM

ESJoe    Said...

The year of the drum machine?! Bring them on, I say. I can't even find an Electribe or MPC in stores anymore. And there needs to be something between the volca beats and $1k+ Elektron stuff. Next I want a new Electribe, they can't just stop having them out can they, and a hardware drum synth from arturia to go with my microbtute! I'll get all I can afford heh

21-Jan-14 02:22 PM

Axxex    Said...

There some nice emu software....instead another va.

21-Jan-14 03:53 PM

EMwhite    Said...

Lots to talk about this year. How has Zanzibar faired since last year's NAMM. Limited distribution, any problems, any good reviews?

I'll stick with my CR-8000 and MASCHINE until nirvana comes along... owned two XBase 09 (one without XROM, the 2nd one with) and ultimately concluded that if I was going to have sampled high hat section, may as well just go all-samples; MASCHINE has treated me well.

21-Jan-14 04:04 PM

Drumboy    Said...

Good by NI MASCHINE, finally some real analog drum machines are hitting the market. Dave Smith, Electron & now Roland. What a great time to be alive. What is the Aira, I hope it is a analog drum machine. Horrible teaser.

21-Jan-14 04:15 PM

lightman    Said...

Sampling doesn't do the old x0x drumboxes justice, I know I've often tried to go that route and always failed. Done many gigs with the 909 of my label boss Oliver Kapp (of Indulge Records/Ray Gun Records) and also with a bunch of samples of it using various Akai samplers but the real thing blows any sample out of the water, no matter how much work you put into it. I realize this sounds like a cliché (just like the 909 to some extend, haha) but if you've ever heard and felt the wall of sound that comes out of this box when connected to a decent PA, you'll never be the same again. It was and still is way beyond my price range so I really hope that the Aira will deliver in this regard.

Denn Dein ist das Reich und die Kraft und die Ewigkeit, Amen.

21-Jan-14 04:26 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

Is that a Roland RE-201 Space Echo I see on that keyboard stand? Please say thats on their list after the 303 resurrection.

21-Jan-14 05:47 PM

LagrangeAudio    Said...

So Aira one unit or several? He asks knowingly...

21-Jan-14 08:28 PM

raphus    Said...

Are we still using "gay" as a put-down? I'm gay. Can Elektron be gay? I don't think so.

As for the sentiment behind the out-of-touch and poorly chosen word, I'd apply that sentiment to the fact that Roland seems more about marketing than innovation these days. YMMV.

21-Jan-14 10:44 PM

PR    Said...

I dunno, I see the original 808, 909, 303 form factor and they were lovely. Big, non-streamlined, clumsy beasts. You look at the teaser where the dude grabs the 808 and it's like a 70s typewriter. I love that, and I wish Roland had learnt from companies like Fender and embraced their past, possibly put out a Roland Vintage brand (like Korg did with the MS). Their pedigree is the thing few others can claim.

But then you catch a glimpse of the AIRA and it's that Alienware looking design that makes it indistinguishable from anything any other unit that any manufacturer might put out (form factor wise) and it's like...blah. Missed opportunity.

22-Jan-14 10:03 AM

lightman    Said...

Here is the thing with Roland's old x0x-boxes - they were commercially unsuccessful products to say the least, some of them like the 303 were downright failures and cost the company a pretty penny. When they became the nucleus of whole new genres of electronic music, Roland did not profit from it in any way and their often botched attempts at closing in on the big names of the past via the digital MC series, the horrible Gaia or the new Junos or Jupiters of recent years didn't help either. That said, I still think that the Aria could be an interesting piece of kit, even if it only has some sort of SuperNATURAL (i.e. digital) stuff under his hood. If Roland really did their homework this time, we may get something decent for a change. Maybe not the analog super-drumbox many people are waiting for but perhaps a good-sounding modern version of the old machines with extra features that make it interesting enough for those who don't just want a few nice-sounding samples but the whole TR package with modern-day functions and interfaces. Is it naive to hope that Roland will do it right this time? Guess so, but a man can dream, can't he...

22-Jan-14 05:34 PM

John    Said...

very interested to see what roland come up with. However, have to say that I am a little sick and tired of 808/909 replication. Anyone feeling the same should google wave alchemy synth drums.

It's an incredible synthesised drum sample library made from vintage synths. the sound design blew me away, like classic drum sounds you've never heard before. really!

22-Jan-14 06:15 PM

ESJoe    Said...

Well, it's NAMM, where is it?! Out with the details already!

23-Jan-14 07:46 PM


The Roland Aira site says it's going to be revealed in February: So we will have to wait a little more...

25-Jan-14 04:50 PM

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