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NAMM 2014: Elektron Mystery Box
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Acid-Pete    Said...

Hardware sequencer?

17-Jan-14 10:50 AM

GTRman    Said...

Yes, It looks like a analog drum sampler with seq & color pads. The pads are new for this company. Great I can finally ditch my NI Maschine for a real drum machine. The Electron guys are tearing up the musical instrument market. I just purchased a Analog Four and I can say it is the most innovative instrument I have used in a long time.

17-Jan-14 04:20 PM

Synth_Fan    Said...

Electron make 90's style interfaced, overprices and over hyped 'things' (because of trend only).

There is one thing you can be 100% confident about Electrcon devices - they are ergonomically so poorly designed that users - all users - are using a few percent of the device, if that.

They're tearing up the musical instrument market because they don't know what a musical instrument is.

I seems their designers are too dim or too young to know that we left all of those 90's RM1X over burdened devices behind.

As for this 'mystery box': Yawn!

17-Jan-14 05:02 PM

Lu    Said...

I know Synth fan sounds a bit harsh but he does have a point. Elektron instruments require painstaking practice in order to get even 40% of the potential out of the box. I admire what they're trying to do, but it really is for the young kids whose backs don't yet ache from hunching over reading the tiny screen and manual and staying up long hours into the night to set up unique sound sets that don't sound like everyone else on the planet. I find in the end groove boxes like dance music and not much else without a lot of hard work, and aren't kinetic enough, it doesn't feel like "playing" an instrument, I want to move! To feel.. Not concentrate... I want to set it up, press play then worry about other things which engage me more, things I can play.

It's obviously subjective but the elektron crowd are at the high end of the knob twiddling market and a lot of us are just over it - I'd use a computer if I wanted to be that bored/confused...

17-Jan-14 07:50 PM

Lu    Said...

Maybe if they made a baby elektron, for whiners like me, real easy, one button for each function, no menu diving...

17-Jan-14 07:52 PM

Blake    Said...

Way to go Elektron. Still in love with my Analog Four. The A4 already makes great drum sounds though. I'm curious as to what this offers or is it the Machinedrum Mk3? Either way, great work Elektron. This 41 year old still loves groove boxes especially for creating Contemporary Jazz music.

18-Jan-14 02:14 AM

Vember Zalowski    Said...

Great news! I feel sorry for the Elektron bashers with no intelligent criticism. Elektron is run by musicians for musicians. They are leading the way in electronic music production. This latest offering combines more hands-on control with the provision of illuminated pads as well as continuous controllers. What's not to like?

18-Jan-14 07:32 AM

Graham Richards    Said...

@Synth_Fan. Maschine certainly doesn't have a 90's style interface? $200 less than an A4 and you get led screens and some plastic and some very limited software for your computer. Maschine isn't overhyped either right?

18-Jan-14 07:43 AM

Cybotron    Said...

Seem a like a few picky comments flying around here - sure weren't like this since the 80s with some form of analog kit being released every year. Elektron deserves to be successful for not releasing a 'jack of all trades but a master none' product...

18-Jan-14 05:24 PM

Franz    Said...

If you dont want to SEE your music on a screen but instead LISTEN during performance, Elektron is the only way to go. Sure its a steep learningcurve but once you get it nothing else comes close to their stuff.

19-Jan-14 05:14 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

@Franz: With guard lowered and in earnest interest: in what ways does nothing else come close. I can accept a steep learning curve; so lets say you know the OS inside out - what makes Elektron devices stand out (again I'm lowering my guard and asking earnestly in case I've misjudged them). My criticism is largely about their persistent overly complicated ergonomics /user interface / OS - and substantial cost.

19-Jan-14 08:01 AM

Lu    Said...

@Synth_Fan they have pretty amazing in the box slicing and warping capabilities, plus the ability to assign a different sound to each step of one sequence and then have that one step be uniquely warped/effected/changed. So you can build nearly anything in there, arguably with more ease than a daw, but it's still fiddly, as you say deep levels of complexity which take a bit of delving to bring out.

19-Jan-14 12:03 PM

PowerRanger    Said...

Analog Arranger ?

20-Jan-14 04:09 AM

ESJoe    Said...

It's a new drum machine! The Analog Rytm 8 voice drum synth. I just saw the little intro vid for it on their youtubt

21-Jan-14 08:33 AM

Ceefax    Said...

And Joe wins the prize!

It is indeed an 8 voice analogue drum machine, with sampling, "world class" elektron sequencer and a 3x4 array of velocity and pressure sensitive pads.

Does this mean that the MD MkII UWs can go back to sensible(ish) second hand prices now?

21-Jan-14 05:08 PM

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