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iPad Recording With Focusrite's iTrack Dock
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The frequency that Apple changes form factor and connector type makes any Dock audio interface a very stupid piece of engineering and ultimately a waste of money (when Apple introduces the next generation iPad with different shape and connector). Nothing simpler and smarter than a wire between iPad and interface.

17-Jan-14 08:07 AM


Apple actually doesn't change connectors very often and there are adaptors so I believe this dock will work for years & several new ipads to come.

17-Jan-14 02:20 PM

Blue Monster 65    Said...

This is the first one of these types of docks that will work with my Mini, so that's an appeal. The problem is they all offer different options that would be nice were they all available on one! Footswitch control, USB, etc. all would be nice on one unit. I think it might be worth it to wait a while longer ...

17-Jan-14 10:16 PM

Boris    Said...

I actually found this to be a somewhat ordinary yet clever dock. The adjustable lightning connector and the USB port for controller connection is a nice touch. The main thing though is the small footprint AND it charges the iPad, something the Camera Connector won't allow using it with an external interface (I don't consider headphone jack interfaces as they're all crap).. Will look into this. BIG question is, can I use it as a standard interface on the home computer too??

18-Jan-14 05:00 AM

Boris    Said...

Scratch my last comment.. duh.. there's no correct orientated usb to make it a regular interface. (I should actually look at pictures !)

18-Jan-14 07:03 PM

Adam Cal    Said...

here is a similar competing option

19-Jan-14 10:28 PM

Fritz    Said...

I looked at that Griffin...Does it have the 105db range? Kind of a perc over the typically noisy 90db.

20-Jan-14 11:30 AM

Adam Bailey    Said...

I love these Focusrite ads. Clean, clear, and to the point. They're actually supporting good musicians too. Good job guys!

20-Jan-14 11:08 PM

Miguel Marcos    Said...

I also wish it weren't a dock but had a cable connection instead and could be used a dekstop computer as well (the Apogee Duet is an example of how to do it right, except for the price). I don't know why the apparent obsession with dock designs.

24-Jan-14 05:32 AM

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