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NAMM 2014: Live Blog Day 4- Tech
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xyzzy    Said...

That's a very patriarchal pose in the group shot there, Nick. :)

Cheers to all for the great coverage.

26-Jan-14 01:24 PM

asiohead    Said...

Thanks Sonic team for another great NAMM coverage ! I really enjoyed it ...

26-Jan-14 02:08 PM

lightman    Said...

Thanks Nick and the team for all your hard work, a real labour of love.

26-Jan-14 02:41 PM

HT    Said...

Brilliant coverage.

A decent Brew is a few hours away.

26-Jan-14 02:59 PM

Arnie in Hawaii    Said...

Fantastic NAMM coverage from the best tech/music site on the WWW! Thanks so much for the great blogs and videos - made my weekend!

26-Jan-14 03:08 PM

John P Shea    Said...


I really have to echo Arnie's comments about the website. It's been really easy to dive into both the news and blogs. Definitely the least cluttered site around for NAMM coverage (and I've been looking around @ other publishers and forums all week).

Magnificent effort!

Regards, JPS

26-Jan-14 05:57 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Great work again, thanks Nick and team!

27-Jan-14 09:15 AM

Jan    Said...

Have to agree , as always sonicstate has the best NAMM coverage, it was a great deal of fun and entertainment. I hope you guys get some well-deserved rest before MESSE :) Looking forward to the next sonictalk episode!

27-Jan-14 02:18 PM

Derek    Said...

Nick Batt + Waldorf = Nick Batzdorf? :)

P.S. Hey, Nick Batzdorf of Virtual Instruments Mag!

27-Jan-14 10:11 PM

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