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NAMM 2014: Live Blog Day 2 - Tech
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Tom    Said...

Check Sampletank 3 from IK Multimedia

They made such "secrets" about it but they show it at the NAMM

Thanks in advance ;)

24-Jan-14 12:23 PM

Leslie    Said...

Hey Guys, can you please find out what is going on with Tracktion 5 release? Was supposed to be officially announced and available as from 23rd of Jan, but it looks like no show...

24-Jan-14 02:54 PM

Brillopad    Said...

I guess no sign of an SQ-10 Mini from Korg? That's what I was really hoping for.

24-Jan-14 03:23 PM

Brillopad    Said...

Please check out all the new Buchla bits and give us all the details. :-)

24-Jan-14 03:26 PM

Bill, Vancouver    Said...

Looks like fun! Have you seen the Boss ME-80?

24-Jan-14 05:34 PM

W C Auger    Said...

If you feel you've (as it looks) run out of hot new shininess, feel free to spend the rest of the day loitering furtively by any/all of the modular stands. Ditto the previous Buchla request obvs. ;=)

24-Jan-14 05:39 PM

asiohead    Said...

Nick, that VW is a limited edition DIY kit car ;)

24-Jan-14 06:51 PM

Arnie    Said...

Great NAMM blog and videos. Now I have to buy yet another keyboard. See if you can meet up with Steve Fortner (Keyboard Mag) and take a picture with him. Love Sonic State!

24-Jan-14 07:36 PM

Dave in Richmond    Said...

Feels like I'm there, great

24-Jan-14 09:06 PM

Daveinrichmond    Said...

Drum Circle Nick!

24-Jan-14 09:14 PM

Bullart.    Said...

Nick and Rich. Nice.

25-Jan-14 12:08 AM

asiohead    Said...

Another great day, starting to really love this live blog guys !

hehe great, Rich came over, look at 'm, best buddies :)

25-Jan-14 01:54 AM

robgs    Said...

Was Rich there to pick up his Schmidt Synth? :-)

25-Jan-14 08:52 AM

Daveinrichmond    Said...

Good morning team

25-Jan-14 12:14 PM

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