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NAMM 2014: Live Blog Day 1 - Tech
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Bod    Said...

What time does the show open? UK time?

23-Jan-14 04:29 AM

JB    Said...

I think they're 8 hours behind us (uk time) so I imagine about 5 this afternoon.

23-Jan-14 05:42 AM

Tom    Said...

Nick: Check this on the Korg Place the KORG MS-20 as Kit (not the Mini Version) Thanks in advance

23-Jan-14 09:57 AM

xyzzy    Said...

Maybe the cleaner DID make it in and just helped themselves to a beer :)

23-Jan-14 11:50 AM

Rainy    Said...


23-Jan-14 12:39 PM

Psycracy    Said...

I'm a Gearslutz and love the WALDORF and ROLAND going back in time with some classics.

23-Jan-14 04:21 PM

patrick    Said...

please give us more news about ROLAND AIRA!

23-Jan-14 04:53 PM

robgs    Said...

For a second I thought that was Edward Scissorhands on the Moog Voyager.. Ooops

23-Jan-14 08:41 PM

HT    Said...

Maybe knock on the door next wouldn't want to catch them talking about the Aira.

Dare you to ask Dave Smith about the future of the Tempest.

24-Jan-14 04:52 AM

lightman    Said...

VERY interested in the Waldorf 2-Pole, that's something I was waiting for quite a while now. Anyone who remembers the 4-Pole from back in the day knows that they can make pretty cool filters, and this time it seems to be a more dirty version with 2 poles which may be just the thing I need for the noise I call my music. :) Thanks for keeping us up to date, Nick and crew!

25-Jan-14 02:39 PM

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