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Live Blog: The Road To NAMM
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Knarf    Said...

Good luck, Nick !

21-Jan-14 02:44 AM

JB    Said...

Have a good trip guys, looking forward to the Sonic State coverage again this year.

21-Jan-14 03:18 AM

asiohead    Said...

Have fun Nick & Sonic crew ;) ! Can't wait for the first vids. Best NAMM coverage on the net !

21-Jan-14 03:42 AM

Matthew Tanner    Said...

Bon voyage. Have a great show! Will miss the Podcast, but looking forward to checking out all that juicy new gear!

21-Jan-14 04:27 AM

Steve    Said...

Looking forward to the coverage.

You guys always do a sterling job!

21-Jan-14 04:51 AM

Koshdukai    Said...

Safe journey! :)

21-Jan-14 06:09 AM

LagrangeAudio    Said...

Have a great time, you guys do the best NAMM coverage on the planet!!

21-Jan-14 06:24 AM

Meneer Vincent    Said...

Have a good time Nick. Looking forward to your reviews!

21-Jan-14 07:30 AM

brian from usa    Said...

C'mon Nick you can get good tea in the USA, you just have to be more determined!

21-Jan-14 07:38 AM

Blue Monster 65    Said...

Have fun! Looking forward to your coverage and sad I won't be there this year.

21-Jan-14 08:35 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Have a great and safe trip guys! Looking forward to seeing the videos!

21-Jan-14 10:49 AM

Donkey Capers    Said...

The Starbucks Emglish breakfast tea is quite drinkable. Better than their coffee.

Why are Sonic State flying cattle class? Surely they deserve better.

21-Jan-14 11:19 AM

HT    Said...

Elbows out Nick.

Looking forward to your coverage.

21-Jan-14 12:19 PM

Ned Bouhalassa    Said...

Have fun! And don't forget not to tell anyone about the Yamaha CS-90 until the show starts!!! ;-)

21-Jan-14 02:38 PM

xyzzy    Said...

Don't forget to stop by the Waldorf booth this time :) Which PayPal account should we wire the money to to make sure this happens?

21-Jan-14 03:41 PM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

Let's see if once again Nick can be the only interviewer who Tomas Johansson and Dave Smith look pleased to see :)

21-Jan-14 05:31 PM

Aaron    Said...

Hope to see you there!

21-Jan-14 07:40 PM

AndyB    Said...

Redbull and a fryup - truly the breakfast of champions!!

21-Jan-14 07:55 PM


You fellas do a great job, and I hope your over your jet lag and ready for it. If your reviewing any basslines, don't forget ACCENT and SLIDE, and how many outputs on those drum machines. Go easy the american food and ask the yanks why the prop up Israel .UK acid house anti zionists awaiting your reports.DADAISM .

22-Jan-14 03:59 AM

OnImpulse    Said...

Have a good time!

22-Jan-14 05:12 AM

John P Shea    Said...

Wonder if iConnectivity will have a 4+ for demo'ing? Would love to see a USB audio interface plugged in to the hub port for audio input.

Have a great trip guys!

Regards, JPS

22-Jan-14 05:16 AM

Oli B    Said...

Have a great trip guys. Can't wait to see all the goodies you will report on.

22-Jan-14 06:04 AM

brian from usa    Said...

Carl's Jr.!!! Did you get the Six Dollar Thickburger? 940 calories with 2 grams of sodium. Betcha can't get that back in old blighty!

22-Jan-14 08:24 AM

hproductions    Said...

Have a great time guys - currently 7 degrees and rainy here in Northern England - expecting your coverage to bring the virtual sunshine!

22-Jan-14 10:16 AM

Blurred mess    Said...

Get a better camera. ;)

22-Jan-14 10:22 AM

Shoontz    Said...

I'm crossing my fingers in anticipation of you capturing a moment half as awesome/funny as that time you showed the dude demoing the MS-20mini how it actually worked.

22-Jan-14 03:58 PM

Marky Mark    Said...

Hope you get the facts about the Roland Aira gear. Waiting patiently ;)

23-Jan-14 12:45 AM

Chris    Said...

Go Solid State! Enjoying the cracking coverage so far

23-Jan-14 08:27 AM

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