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NAMM 2014: Rob Papen BLUE-II Crossfusion Synth
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Brezel    Said...

Sounds good. But what exactly is "crossfusion" supposed to be?

16-Jan-14 09:13 AM

Malcolm Davis    Said...

Why do soft synth manufacturers always portray their new synths as 'hardware' in images?? The Rob Papen Blue II looks like some sort of weird, purpose designed tablet - yet everyone knows its software. Is it that software manufacturers feel inadequate somehow - hardware envy - they can't make the 'real thing', so they can only pretend.

21-Jan-14 02:02 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

Shhh Malcolm. Don't give the game away. You'll be saying that I don't get that fake box when I download it next.

21-Jan-14 11:00 PM

Malcolm Davis    Said...

If only they would design a desktop module synth that looked that good. Shiny aluminium construction with blue backlit knobs and a great hi def LCD display. Would look way better than software and if buy one then.

23-Jan-14 08:11 AM

Volt8    Said...

I would love this such design in real shape, but, first of all, such display (wide type) is not standard, so I would be astronomical for company of their size, to even consider it.

Save alone rest of the R&D required for full circle of mature product, adequate for production. Sure, there are partner who could manage this for them, but, then, they would need substantial change in business model.

How can we blame them, when this big boys from Japan and US names, barely dear to path this territory.

26-Mar-14 11:07 PM

Volt8    Said...

Ah, pardon my typos, really late hours

26-Mar-14 11:09 PM

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