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NAMM 2014: Paraphonic Moog Coming - Sub 37
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nativeVS    Said...

Why not a real polyphonic synth? Paraphonic ones are fun, but get boring after some time.

15-Jan-14 05:13 PM

Synth_Fan    Said...

But if based on SubPhatty - this is perhaps the best sounding, most progressive analogue synth, period. With 37 keys and more realtime control, this is going to be amazing. Agreed polyphonic would be intriguing - but that's a lot more circuitry - and this still allows for chords.

15-Jan-14 05:19 PM

Synth_Fan    Said...

This could be the true successor to the MiniMoog (SubPhatty is THAT strong sounding). The substantive return of analogue is now upon us.

15-Jan-14 05:22 PM

xyzzy    Said...

>> Why not a real polyphonic synth?

Cost. :-)

How many Waldorf Waves did they sell? How many people had $10,000 to drop on a synth? Hans Zimmer will buy two, but what about everybody else? :)

15-Jan-14 05:24 PM

Robin M.    Said...

If a Voyager and Phatty had a baby I guess this would be it. More repackaging, nothing new... next. : (

15-Jan-14 06:51 PM

Aleksoner    Said...

@NativeVS- Because it would be really expensive and possibly sink them like the Memorymoog did originally

15-Jan-14 08:33 PM

chaka    Said...

Yep an 8 voice obx sold for 6 grand on eBay.I own an obx and it sure as hell isn't worth 6 grand. I think a Access Virus and a Manley Vari-Mu would be better purchase. Polysynths are great but the prices have gotten ridiculous. There is alot of ways to fatten up sounds with outboard gear now anyways.

15-Jan-14 10:08 PM

Ben    Said...

>> and this still allows for chords.

Welle if it is more than 2 voices ;-)

16-Jan-14 03:46 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

@Robin M: I own an LP and it's great. But, upon looking at the SP Videos when it was released (NAMM/MESSE?) I was genuinely surprised at how advanced the inner workings of the SP is. It really is 21st century analogue. Just having 37 keys is the major advance here; but there are lots of smart and useful improvements to what analogue can deliver that really do bring it into the modern age. I'm not overly happy with having to say that(Moogs are bloody expensive) - but the SP is an advance on the LP - Moog have done a really good, clever and useful job here. I suspect Bob Moog would be proud of it; and this release looks like it will make it playable an more immediate. I think this is 'the real deal' of an advancement.

16-Jan-14 04:57 AM

GTRman    Said...

Now I am excited.

16-Jan-14 07:44 AM


I would be very surprised if there will be more than two oscillators. I think that what they mean by paraphonic is two VCOs driven by lowest note priority + highest note priority setup, as it was in Sonic VI

16-Jan-14 09:18 AM

Nick B    Said...

Not sure you are right there, paraphonic operation on the waldorf Pulse 2 allowed for up to 8 voices using divide down CV stuff that I dont understand, be interesting to see what level of polyphony is possible here, I hope for at least four...

16-Jan-14 11:18 AM

Dr.Filterstein    Said...

Nick B, Waldorf Pulse 2 doesn't use oktave divide-down technology. The 8 voice squer wave is VA and comes directly from a digital chip like Waldorf Rocket.

16-Jan-14 12:48 PM


Can't wait for NAMM 2014! These specs look incredible. Nick B. I'll be at NAMM and love your reviews. Any chance I could catch you somewhere and shake your hand and say hi?

16-Jan-14 12:50 PM


also, I just saw this:

Amos from Moog just posted this on AutomaticGainsay's Facebook

------------- ...the new Moog synth is "2-note paraphonic" -- it can play two independent pitches from its two oscillators, in response to two keys played at once. Paraphonic still seemed less misleading than "Duophonic" (to me) because of the single VCF, VCA, and their respective envelope generators. Although ultimately I had very little to do with what got written on the panel"

16-Jan-14 01:12 PM

knolan    Said...

@Subtractive_Nobody: Shake his hand on all of our behalf - agreed: Nick runs an awesome site, fabulous reviews, news and video pieces. Enjoy NAMM (jealous :-) !! )

16-Jan-14 01:13 PM

Reyescult    Said...

If it is only 'Duo' based on using OSC 1 & 2 separately, then maybe they will add a Paraphonic mode to my Sub Phatty. That would make me VERY happy! I'd even sacrifice the Sub OSC if necessary.

16-Jan-14 02:11 PM

Pekka    Said...

I have a "paraphonic Moog" already. I'm playing raw oscillators of my Alpha Juno through the Little Phatty filter (while triggering the envelope either via midi, or via Moog keyboard). Sounds awesome, better than true polysynth due to intermodulation distortion.

16-Jan-14 04:40 PM

Guy Oak    Said...

As canada dry , it has the smell , the taste , the texture of authenticity , the patina of old furniture BUT it is NOT !

17-Jan-14 03:27 AM

Peter K    Said...

The Sub Phatty is a great little synth, hampered by its small keyboard and unlabeled shift functions. This looks to take all the benefits of that great sounding instrument and eradicates most of its disadvantages.

19-Jan-14 03:04 PM    Said...

I love my Sub phatty cant wait to see and hear more !

22-Jan-14 10:19 PM

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