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Roland Have Something Big Cooking - AIRA
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LagrangeAudio    Said...

I'm really hoping this is going to be something like a Monotribe but bigger with genuine 808, 303 and 101 heritage; OR maybe like Roland's take on the Volca by splitting those bits up and you buy and sync them. Finally Roland might be doing interesting things again!!

15-Jan-14 06:43 AM

Not_Sure    Said...

Electronic Music did not exist when the TR808 was released? Did he really say that?

What about Tangerine Dream using the TR808 in many of their iconic albums?

And what about Carlos, Moroder, Jarre, Tomita, Schultz, Vangelis, ...

Whn were Roland's engineers born - and what is their understanding of 'electronic music'?

A huge clue to they bastardised use of their legacy has been revealed in that statement.

I do now expect this release to be more significant than their recent Juno releases (and their cynical / naive placement of a Juno 106 in the background of the FA 60 video is equally telling - as in - what hell is it doing there - isn't it a confused statement - acknowledging the capabilities of their legacy instruments; but then developing bland instruments like the FA60?

15-Jan-14 06:52 AM

Bert    Said...

at 1:04 and 1:09 there seems to be a glimpse of that AIRA

15-Jan-14 08:18 AM

Ben    Said...

just a pic:

see also synthtopia

15-Jan-14 08:25 AM

Derek    Said...

$20 says it's just an MC-303 engine (samples, little no synthesis) with a slightly less crappy user interface. :)

15-Jan-14 08:26 AM

Nick B    Said...

Er, the Juno 106 placement had nothing to do with Roland, it is a Roland synth I have so I thought I would put that in the background rather than anything else...

15-Jan-14 08:30 AM

RP    Said...

Roland are somewhat the Microsoft of the instrument manufacturing company world IMHO (since the late 90s anyway). So it will ultimately be a cool concept and a naif execution

15-Jan-14 10:14 AM

xyzzy    Said...

Now presenting the Roland ERROR series of ravey groovebox synths!

15-Jan-14 11:12 AM

Callmecynical    Said...

You've seen how they trade off the branding and sonic quality of yesteryear... And you know what's coming next.

15-Jan-14 12:40 PM

Kevin Nolan    Said...

They may have traded branding - but sound quality and innovation have not suffered. I own the VP110m, Juno106 and Jupiter 6, but I also own several JD800s, a JV2080, an XV5080, a V-SynthGT and a Jupiter 80 - and they are ALL stunning in their owe way. Roland have a continuous line of stunning innovation, to the present day. I accept they probably should not have reused the Juno name of late, and though they do reuse sound sets and chips (to make back money) they do continue to innovate. I've seen an image of this impending release and if real, it looks intriguing. Though the Jupiter 80 is not the Jupiter 8, I can testify to Supernatural Acoustic Tones being astounding, while its Supernatural Synth VA is incredibly strong sounding. Even is AIRA is based on V-Technology, my experience with Jupiter 80 (*sonically) suggests it will sound great (here's hoping that's the case!!).

15-Jan-14 03:46 PM

Kevin Nolan    Said...

typo in my last post - VP110m should read VP330!

15-Jan-14 03:48 PM

Raw Coco    Said...

Looks like they hired Alienware design team. :( . Wish they kept it plain. That green just reminds me off the matrix and xbox

15-Jan-14 04:05 PM

JimJoBobJo    Said...

Possible leaked pic:

15-Jan-14 04:29 PM

E03    Said...

Spot the VA bs – grrrrr Roland….. grrrrrr :(.

15-Jan-14 04:41 PM

Blake    Said...

I for one am very interested in this Roland used to own "Groove" and then abandoned it. Ihope this unit sounds great and is of a much better build than the Korg Volca series. I also hope that it is a dedicated hardware unit and NOT a mother controller. Another bonus would be if those knobs and sliders send MIDI controller messages so it can double as a controller for FXpansion's Tremor. There's a lot of potential for this 808 of the AIRA series to be a shining success.

15-Jan-14 09:14 PM

Cybotron    Said...

Great spin by Roland. 808 put dance music on the map of electronic music like no other machine. Nothing quite like hearing Planet Rock in 82', seemed like the future had arrived...

16-Jan-14 03:35 AM

Chris    Said...

Excited to see Roland finally come up with something to challenge Korg, as competition will only be a good thing for consumers in terms of choice.

Not sure about the colour scheme though!

16-Jan-14 08:46 AM

geo303    Said...

They have been getting merked on sales for years now. They need something both affordable AND special. Analog or modelled it looks like they are going to launch 101, 202, 303, 808, 909 derivatives that people asked for starting maybe 15 years ago. I would hope they will make an affordable groovebox with sampling and analog modelling and actually get the UI and sequencer right and listen to user feedback instead of just launching another flawed product ala MC-909 > MC-808 and MV-8000 > MV-8800. I guess we will find out next week.

16-Jan-14 02:14 PM

G.W.W.W.Bush    Said...

isn t not a new aira ... sad to see a company sinking , oh wait how to say harakiri in japanese ???

17-Jan-14 03:22 AM

LagrangeAudio    Said...

@not_sure: "Electronic Music did not exist when the TR808 was released? Did he really say that?"

I think what he said was that electronic music AND dance did not exist before this time, technically that is correct. Electronic music has obviously been around a lot earlier but didn't hit critical mass until around the period he is talking about.

17-Jan-14 10:07 AM

Dr.Filterstein    Said...

It's VA and not analog.

17-Jan-14 11:39 AM

S R Dhain    Said...

Im not mithered in the slightest wether it's V.A. or analog or some sort of hybrid. What crucially matters is a) the price point and b) the sound and U.I. Original minty 808's and 909's are thin on the ground at anything less than £2k nowaways ( some go for close to £3k, depending on what else is part of the deal), so if the original manufacturer can't get something great cooking out of the heritage this time, then it really is a poor show. But Im optimistic they will, and really DO hope they nail it.

18-Jan-14 10:40 PM

GTRman    Said...

Overhype, be prepared to be disappointed from overhype.

29-Jan-14 12:26 PM

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