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16-Step MIDI Sequencer For iPad
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fightMP3    Said...

Woa, this looks like a ripp-off of Little MIDI Machine - which is FREE.

10-Jan-14 08:47 AM

selercs    Said...

Before you judge the 'looks', compare the features also.

10-Jan-14 12:11 PM

Synth_Fan    Said...

I agree, I have Little MIDI Machine and though superficially similar, this looks more comprehensive.

My issue with both is the arbitrary nature of the pitches, set at little white lines, with no 'inertia' to feel where you're at, and fiddly under the finger. Not very practical for fast changes (that you can control well). I highly recommend that this sequencer offer the following, and you're onto a winner:

1. Some sort of sense of inertia at the white lines

2. Offer the option of piano roll type keyboard to the left so that you can see the pitch levels (optional for those of us non-purists)

2. Capability to transmit the MIDI data, live, to a computer based DAW (iPad developers MUST start thinking about integrating these tools into our main production environment).

4. A grid to touch the mote pitches in real time instead oc moving a fader to the pitch (why bother with a fader and line indicator when the iPad is ideal for touching boxes pitched vertically?

Finally - why only 20 storage slots - the iPad can save thousands - why the limitation ??

Without these features, I will not buy it, though desperately waiting for someone to implement the features mentioned above.

10-Jan-14 04:08 PM

Che Paschips    Said...

it's $5.99 FFS. just buy it & quit whining. you probably spend more each week on hair gel you lot.

12-Jan-14 06:43 PM

HADT    Said...

at Che Paschips

so true lol

13-Jan-14 04:27 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

@Cheap as French-fries: I love people who bother to post just to complain about other posters - it makes the while'on-line' experience so much richer and worthwhile.

It's clear just how much mucks you're up to these days.

While you gripe meaninglessly to other anonymous posters, I've given the developer a very useful feature improvement set that might make this sequencer stand out and become very useful. And while it may be cheap, does that mean it should be badly implemented ( which this one isn't and accept nobody's saying that ) and are technical discussions not valuable.

You think the availablilty of a comment section is for moronic comments like yours, and not for technical comments?

If not, care to offer a technical appraisal of this quite good App? Let's have it - even one technical comment - put your reputation where you mouth is. Just one useful observation. I have several other astute technical comment I could make right now about this sequencer that would help the developer and ultimately the end user. You Got Any??

13-Jan-14 09:20 AM

Che Paschips    Said...

" I love people who bother to post just to complain about other posters - it makes the while'on-line' experience so much richer and worthwhile."

Great! You're really annoying! Stop droning on! i complain about you!

13-Jan-14 02:27 PM

tony saunders    Said...

There's always room for improvement in any app and mine's no different there. Good to read all comments, good and bad, as it makes me improve the app for everyone. @synth_fan 1) the cycle button was designed to allow you to set the pitch, however I do need to improve the white lines to make them more appropriate (e.g. midi channel 1 to 16 should only have 16 lines) 2) I will eventually add a piano keyboard for entry, not sure about a piano roll though?? 2) Not sure what you mean, connect a midi interface to the iPad and you have midiSequencer controlling your DAW & hardware. It also supports network midi (wifi) although latency is always an issue here. 4) This would change the app into one with square boxes everywhere. I've personally never liked them, but my other apps in development may well feature this.

the 20 storage was more aimed at loading sequences in quickly (during play). It was not intended to be a proper file system - that's coming in the next version! tony

15-Jan-14 03:08 AM

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