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Nord Lead 4 In Action
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GTRman    Said...

Nice demo & great sounding synth. Clavia has come a long way, but I wish they would drop the red color.

10-Jan-14 07:55 AM

0101D    Said...

Nord has been regurgitating the same crap for years now. The only innovation since the original Nord Lead came in the Nord Lead 3, and that was mostly the interface.

They refuse to disclose the internal resolution bit of their synths and they have for years used essentially the same synth engine in re-badged models!

10-Jan-14 10:20 AM

raphus    Said...

I love that they included digital waveforms (they're not wavetables, by the way), but it baffles me why they dropped the interface, filters, and pressure sensitivity of the NL3. Or the more usable effect selection from the Nord Wave. (I know there were compliance issuses with the NL3's encoders, but other companies have done them since.)

10-Jan-14 07:08 PM

Peter K    Said...

I'm sure cost was a significant factor in regards to the knobs, but in general that interface was great.

I just wish they'd included aftertouch on the NL4, but otherwise, it's a great instrument, and really does sound different from the 2x.

10-Jan-14 10:24 PM

nothanks    Said...

Why as a Swedish company got some cheesey American voice advertising it. It sounds like shit this advert and the synth price is extortionate.

11-Jan-14 03:44 PM

Sam Oldshite    Said...

what's with the room of wooden crates?is this to convey the impression that this keyboard is 'underground', 'real', 'authentic' etc? or is it that the marketing is just a bit shit? answers on a postcard, please.

12-Jan-14 06:39 PM

dan    Said...

Sorry,but I f***ing HATE that sound.If one has a synthesizer,SYNTHESIZE.Don't regurgitate that seventies bullshit.

14-Jan-14 05:44 PM

Blake    Said...

Too much money. Clavia make some quality stuff but really? $2000+ dollars for a VA with no aftertouch and not even a 2 line LCD screen? The internal FX and the individual outs are welcome but I don't see this synth as being long lived at that price.

14-Jan-14 06:37 PM

DigitalC    Said...

Dan and Blake, you are spot on! Clavia claims and becomes defensive that this is what the "people" want. Just call them and ask them why they do not have an LCD screen to merely see the ADSR or some of the other functions...or why the retro sound...and do not ask them about the internal resolution. You will get nowhere. They will tell you it is classified.

16-Jan-14 10:20 AM

Hellasaurus    Said...

Dreadful video and I do wonder why they charge so much for a VA these days?

16-Jan-14 11:54 AM

CL Simmons    Said...

I love my Nord Lead 3 ... super easy to play, sounds awesome and not drenched in effects (no onboard F/X). I grew up on early 80s synths (I was one of first in town to have a SCI Pro One, and used to stalk PAIA!). Love the red, love the stick, mod wheel, and was hoping this would be like the 3 + some from Wave. But only a handful "got" the NL3 .. and so this is the evolution of the NL2 ... what customers want. Most can't even play aftertouch (not really used for playing band gigs). Love the stutter edit kind of morph thing, though.

16-Jan-14 06:07 PM

selercs    Said...

The artist who makes the best use of the Nord brand of synths is Infected Mushroom. Erez Eizen knows how to manipulate and mangle the sounds like a real VA should sound. Clavia should hire them.

19-Jan-14 10:59 AM

continuum    Said...

Wow that's not a very interesting demo, and IT's HOW MUCH? JESUS! Whaaaat??? Sorry. They're having a laugh.

20-Jan-14 01:59 PM

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