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Buy Reason 7 And Get Free Korg Synths
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Daniel Oakfield    Said...

A bit of a disappointment, being an old Reason user when I bought this version the day it went out I got no RE instruments bundled...

09-Jan-14 03:46 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

Agreed - I don't like promotions like this that basically say "existing users - you're not worth an equivalent rebate to what we're offering to entice new buyers".

Nobody's looking for a free lunch - and the company owes nothing to any existing user - but common decency and good marketing sense should dictate that deals like this apply universally (even if offering, say, a small rebate to existing users on their next purchase - how cool would that be?). Offering deals to only new customers leaves a sour taste in the mouths of existing customers.

I realize its never perfect and easy to satisfy everyone - but Korg did it very well recently - as soon as synth engines not on on OASYS by default and needing to be purchased appeared on Kronos free of charge, Korg gave existing OASYS owners free access to them - and where you owned them all already, they even went to the bother of offering OASYS users a $500 rebate in Kronos libraries should they ever buy a Kronos). Impressive and thoughtful - as well as smart (encouraging OASYS owners to move to Kronos).

09-Jan-14 07:06 AM

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