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Control iOS Music Apps With Hand Gestures
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DJ Suck    Said...

Again, a product demo so bad it does only harm to othervise interesting gadget...

08-Jan-14 01:25 PM

GuidoSarducci2014    Said...

Always good for a laugh, next will be the telepathic music controller from them..and it will be 'THE FIRST...! ' with a side of spaghetti and a free Pistachio Disguisey dvd! and the free app that goes with it! champagne champagne...!

09-Jan-14 07:58 PM

Ivor Chalfont    Said...

"iRing"? you couldn't make it up. sounds like Apple invented a sphincter control app. As seen in Viz magazine.

12-Jan-14 06:49 PM

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