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Use Your 32-bit Plug-Ins In Logic Pro X
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TGH    Said...

That's a lot of money for using a couple of old plugs.

07-Jan-14 05:04 AM

Logic_Amateur_Musician!!!    Said...

Far too expensive - forget it !! Most Logic Pro users are not pros - and your charging a large fraction of the cost of the DAW, and more than all of Reaper and about 3 times the most expensive iOS iPad DAW. Rip off. Wake up and smell the roses. 29 bucks - that's a valid charge.

07-Jan-14 06:34 AM

Aziak    Said...

The price is fair IF you've spent money (lot of cash) on PoCo platform, Abbey Road and other (expensive) brands, that have not updated yet their plugins to 64 bit or are abandoned and want to use them in a modern 64 bit only DAW. FYI this 32 bit bridge works flawless with Logic X and dare to say much better than Apple's native 32bit bridge in LP9. Do you remember the plugin window behaviour in Logic's native 32 bit bridge??? Floating window, one view at a time etc. Comfort and usability always have a price, right?

07-Jan-14 08:35 AM

Logic_Amateur_Musician!!!    Said...

It's too expensive. There's is no rational argument to setting the price this high, other than to rip off customers because there's no other viable option available. There are too may rip-off merchants like this in the music industry. There;s not denying the usefulness of this, but it needs to be less than half of what you're asking.

07-Jan-14 09:00 AM

Aziak    Said...

I agree with the part that the music industry is not a fair place, but that's why is called "industry" the goal is to monetise everything. Expensive or cheap has a subjective meaning. For example, i've spent in PoCo platform almost €3000, €500 in Abbey Road plugins, €800 in RnD bundle (Roger Nichols, remember these) and more for others. To use all of that in LPX or Ableton Live 9 (64bit) for just $99 is fairly cheap, otherwise i "trash" all that money and have to change my workflow. To use Sylenth 1 only (or even 2-3 more old plugins) is really expensive. In general there must be no argument when it comes to the cost of a merchant, we live in a capitalistic system, don't we? You vote with your wallet. I hate this too, but it's how things work....

07-Jan-14 09:25 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

It does cost a lot, but think of it from the standpoint of the company. How many of these things are they going to sell, even if the cost were to be lowered? It is an extremely niche product and takes a fair amount of resources to develop & maintain. They have to make money on it somehow.

07-Jan-14 03:54 PM

asdfghjklö    Said...

no soundtoys support (yet) but still, this this has filled a crucial gap in the workflow of LPX users.

fuck 99$ if you can keep your old workflow and keep those precious 32 bit plugins you've spent over 1k$ on

07-Jan-14 08:15 PM

Not A. Ripoff    Said...

nothing like an outbreak of indignant hysteria to brighten up a january day. if you don't want it at that price, don't buy it. end of.

08-Jan-14 05:30 PM

Devs R Nice    Said...

Economics, mates. If we don't buy it at $99 the price will drop within 4-6 months.

However, keep in mind that it's hard to make any money in software these days. The iPadders have learned to expect free as the normal price. Kracks are figured into price point when a dev sets his/her price, too. So maybe 2000 people are interested in using this 32bit bridge. Maybe 1500 buy it legit. That's $49.5k in lost revenue when the price is set at $99. If he prices it lower, those 500 people still won't buy it, they'll use the Krack anyway.

If you need it now, save your pennies and get it in a few weeks. If not, wait. The price will come down. Screw the Kracks though. Eventually no dev will be interested in building us the tools we desire without some stupid dongle (ilok) or other pain in the arse copy protection.

08-Jan-14 10:34 PM

SimChris in SoCAL    Said...

great solution, fair price for those who *NEED* it. If you are running free plugs with no investment in expensive tools used regularly, with no 64bit support imminent, it's a reasonable price to save purchasing alternate products compatible with Logic X. Only the "free economy" whines when worthwhile products are actually a cost versus free. People who need it, will buy it. Everybody else shut up already - go make some music with your warez and let the people who keep the music apps in business by paying for them get real work done. ;-)

20-Jan-14 07:28 PM

Dennis B    Said...

Curious...I working in logic X, w 32 live in the demo mode and having a problem. My 32 bit Miroslav plugin loads fine, but seems to "drop out" after playback after about 45 seconds or so. Also, the main screen of Miroslav just disappears for a few seconds. Does this have anything to do w 32 live being in demo mode?

23-May-14 09:10 PM

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