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Sonic Touch 28: 2 Groove Machines
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Jon Freeman    Said...

Nick, you and Gaz are the best! Great review as always, and very informative.

06-Jan-14 06:21 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

PMSL. Love the robotics at the end

06-Jan-14 09:35 PM

Bathrobe    Said...

Thank you very much for the reviews.

Read about Electrify on the audiobus forum but only as a headline. So now i know what it is all about.

Got Stroke machine 2 days after release and won a promo code for Caustic 3. So no need for something else at the moment.

07-Jan-14 01:57 AM

Meneer Vincent    Said...

Clear review. Nice to see another episode. And yes, the robotics are excellent!

07-Jan-14 08:05 AM

Peter K    Said...

Love it. Makes me want to get a newer, more powerful iPad. I wish there was something like the i/o dock but with a lightning connector on it. The original dock had the 30 pin, which is why I went and got an older iPad (plus price). Now my Alesis doesn't charge my unit anymore anyway!

08-Jan-14 12:18 AM

Leslie    Said...

Loved your show (as usual) and my wish for 2014 is to have more of SonicTouch shows than in 2013 ;)

10-Jan-14 12:33 AM

Leslie    Said...

2014 ;) Sorry for typo... :(

10-Jan-14 02:13 AM

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