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Korg TinyPiano for Toddlers
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brian from usa    Said...

OMFG the world is ending!! What, regular toy pianos aren't good enough anymore? Will they become vintage collectibles now?

25 sounds: filter sweeps, wobbles, risers, hoovers, ????

13-Dec-13 01:51 PM

Randy    Said...

Brian, this is a digital toy piano, not an acoustic, like most toy pianos

13-Dec-13 02:43 PM

gridsleep    Said...

Steinway, and I think Bosendorfer and Yamaha, make (or have made) toy pianos of a quality of their real pianos, and they fetch quite a price. It's like back in the '70s Harley-Davidson made miniature motorcycles for kids. They weren't minibikes; they were full featured five speed Harleys only a couple of feet tall. Expensive as all hell but any kid who had one had basically bragging rights for eternity. Besides, what's wrong with toy keyboards? I have a Casio SA-35 and it actually sounds bloody good, as well as being usable just about anywhere with batteries and stereo speakers. Don't knock toys; it's where we all began.

13-Dec-13 02:53 PM

RP    Said...

Another fricken toy for non-musicians :)

13-Dec-13 03:28 PM

Zot    Said...

I have one and I'm a little frustrated. The action is too shallow for expressive piano playing and yet again, where's the polyphonic aftertouch. Finally, you'd think by now we'd expect to have sympathetic string resonance as a standard feature.

We were hoping for an upgrade to the MicroKorg that finally had a decent piano sound. We got this instead.

Damn you, Korg!

13-Dec-13 05:31 PM

Blue Monster 65    Said...

Pretty brilliant marketing on Korg's part. Get the name out early and when the kids are ready to move to a "real" instrument, the name recognition is first and foremost.

13-Dec-13 06:02 PM

champ    Said...

Perfect doesn't exist but it is kinda the perfect product for a company as Korg. The whole company seems to be a joke about now. Even the Kronos which was suppose to be special was not that special in the end. They're like the Nintendo in music products.

14-Dec-13 04:59 AM

raphus    Said...

I think the Kronos is special, being what is most likely the most powerful synthesizer ever built, but Korg seems to have lost its momentum in supporting it. It's odd, but they seems to be making a number of almost-great products: the Kronos, but no more synth engines or significant updates for it; the MS20 Mini, an impressive and unique analog synth with toy keys; LittleBits modular components that are easy and affordable, but another toy form factor. I wonder what this says about the music market.

14-Dec-13 12:25 PM

brian from usa    Said...

Anything that gets more normal people making music is fine by me. My first comment was more than a bit sarcastic, yes I know it's digital. I still have the little red toy piano that I bought for my kids which is no different than the one my parent bought for me 30 years earlier, that's all I'm wondering about. Do 2 year old kids care that it's more playable and sounds more realistic?

14-Dec-13 12:39 PM

Blue Monster 65    Said...

I think it says Korg has found a niche that wasn't being exploited properly before. "Toy" (re: inexpensive) instruments that are actually functional and apparently profitable. I hope they can find the proper balance between their instrument lines to keep as many of us happy as possible.

14-Dec-13 05:38 PM

warmblue    Said...

CV out?

14-Dec-13 10:10 PM

Nick B    Said...

I think you are being a little harsh on Korg, the Kronos does have many evangelical users, lots of them pros, and they (as far as I recall) support it with OS updates etc. This product (tinyPiano) is one that Korg produce amongst many. It may not appeal to some of you, but its worth remembering that Korg are one of the few exciting mass producers out there with innovation and products that generally excite lots of people. There are one or two others but of the big three I would say they have been on a roll.

17-Dec-13 06:58 AM

NikkiBoi    Said...

Honestly, It's an old vs. new thing. Moreover... this Piano is for children, not adults. If you're complaining about a children's product not meeting your adult standards, you might want to take a look in the mirror and recognize it's not for grown adults lol.

Korg is flourishing now, and not because of big synthesizers. It's the age of Analog gear with digital functioning, in a portable size. If you don't like where music making has gone, you're too old or your fingers are too fat.

Lastly, 'toy' instruments have been relegated to being toys... for children. 'Micro' and 'Mini' do not mean toy...

17-Dec-13 12:40 PM

GTRman    Said...

That is all Korg makes anymore is toys for kiddies.

18-Dec-13 01:45 PM

Jim said this    Said...

All toys are made to appeal to adults (toddlers don't have credit cards) so if you think this Korg piano is cute then it scores. Besides, I like playing toy pianos. Anyone remember pop songs with toy pianos in them? Magnet & Steel, Summer Breeze, others? The one thing that does bother me is the demo songs are obvious created on a much larger keyboard... that's false marketing I think.

19-Dec-13 09:06 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

@Zot: If you hold down the lowest key and the highest key simultaneously (with your thumb and index finger on your left hand) while singing Frere-Jacques; you kick in Poly Aftertouch. They've thought of everything on this. And with that colour, Nord better look out !!!

19-Dec-13 12:16 PM

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