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Behringer X32 PRODUCER Now Available
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Alfalfa    Said...

That doesn't look very compact, I want it 1/3 of the depth.

11-Dec-13 01:20 PM

Nick B    Said...

it is compared to the X32 full version, but you dont get the LCD channel labels which is a big plus in my book. Still worth looking at, the mixer engine is well featured for the price.

11-Dec-13 04:08 PM

-paul    Said...

now this is compact:

but i guess that only counts as a "mixer" but not as a console. It has the same power though.

11-Dec-13 08:01 PM

Imar    Said...

Why USB connection? I want Firewire/ Ethernet or Thunderbolt interfacing....

16-Dec-13 09:13 AM


I think it's superweird they didn't fit XLR/jack combo chassis connectors. Who's gonna use DI's to connect all their synths to this?

21-Dec-13 07:22 AM


I would have bought it the 1st day out, if it had 1/4 jacks instead of XLR's... everything in my studio is 1/4 jacks maybe the'll cater to the project studio market one day...maybe a 1/4 S16 box

21-Dec-13 02:24 PM

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