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Mobile MIDI Keyboard With Full-Size Keys
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Blurp    Said...

This is just great. Buying one immediately. I've been looking for something exactly like this for years. Looks like other manufacturers missed the opportunity to fill this gap in the market.

03-Dec-13 05:31 AM

cRaIgMoNtAlVo2009    Said...

I WOULD NEVER buy from them, horrible products according to so many bad reviews from people -couldn't get their junk working, I tried some of their software demos, probably the same hardware problems.., so hard to use.. looks nice on the outside, garbage under the hood, apparently.. the ik legacy...

03-Dec-13 07:31 PM


I'm very pleased with my iRig Keys. Works fine.

04-Dec-13 11:07 AM

Johnny Bones    Said...

@cRaIgMoNtAlVo2009 - It's obvious you have an axe to grind against this company. But what have you actually got to go on? A vague third hand account from other owners and you used a few free demos you downloaded who knows how long ago that you didn't like probably because they had some feature limitations. I bought one of their software bundles and not only was it loaded with more samples than I could ever possibly use it works perfectly and it was bargain priced. And you'll find literally scores of videos on Youtube showing people happily playing the original iRig Keys Keyboards. I also checked the reviews looking specifically for people complaining about them not working from the start or failing over time. I didn't find any that I can recall. You can always find a few jerks complaining about insignificant issues on any product. And every company puts out a dud from time to time. So there's definitely a question where you're coming from and what your motives are and why you're badmouthing this company and it's products.

04-Dec-13 11:15 AM

RP    Said...

I have to say, IK multigreedia get the biggest battering on forums, so irrispective of the quality of any new product they produce it's always tainted.

It's a shame really, if they weren't such whores for the almighty dollar they really do put out a lot of IOS products. Charging In App consistently for functions that should absolutely be free, making relatively expensive apps not universal between iPad and iPhone, forcing advert popups for their other products on the paidpro versions of apps and consistently selling their products for 50% weeks after releasing them thus burning early adopters (that last one is just bad product strategy), all reasons they get such a bad rap.

04-Dec-13 12:35 PM

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