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Cubase Updates
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Nickyguitar    Said...

Maybe I'm missing something here, but there really doesn't seem enough within this update to justify it being a paid upgrade. I can't really see myself using these features hence I will pass, but given that this is really the first update of any kind to cubase 7 I'm surprised that it has received the .5 with a price attached. Seems more like a 7.1 update

29-Nov-13 09:17 PM

Nickyguitar    Said...

Additionally, I'm not against paying for improvements within my DAW and welcome useful features whole heartedly. I would like to see a bit more focus or core usability especially in terms of integration with hardware. It's disappointing that I have hundreds of different ways of looking at a track but still cannot get my novation controller and frontier controller to peacefully co exist. Ok, I know these are both 3rd party products, hence Steinberg may not be fully to blame, but surely there is a better way of coding the DAW program to avoid controller clashes? I'd pay for it!

29-Nov-13 09:26 PM

Ss    Said...

Cubase gets uglier and more bloated with every release;

30-Nov-13 05:00 AM

Cubase Overblown    Said...

These guys are getting annihilated by iOS apps and cheap analog synths.

30-Nov-13 11:16 AM

highmarcs    Said...

I'm switching to Cubase from Studio One, as I love some of its power in MIDI editing.

However, as powerful as Cubase is, I'm VERY disappointed in the quality of it's native time stretching. It's pretty terrible. Audio stretched just a little bit sounds echoey and artifacted. In contrast, I can time stretch audio in Studio One and Reason, in EXTREME amounts, like going from 120bpm to 60bpm and it still sounds great.

It seems to me that a DAW's ability to competently stretch/compress audio ought to be right up there as a BASIC area of constant improvement.

I'm really quite shocked that Steinberg hasn't seen fit to give Cubase time stretching abilities on par with those in Studio One and Reason.

If Cubase would just address the time stretching/compressing quality issue and implement an EASY way of implementing parallel processing, like Reason has, it WOULD be the perfect DAW!

30-Nov-13 09:46 PM

DRt    Said...

Did you tried all the different algoritmics in Cubase ?

01-Dec-13 12:02 PM

DR VINEGAR    Said...

cubase will always be an also ran. Even tho logic is now looking gloomy and protools 11 is a bank breaker to have cause of weirdo backward compatibility, they are better than using cubase. Even Reason is better, and they're not even in the same kinda ballpark!

03-Dec-13 05:31 AM

brandon    Said...

Someone mentioned bloatware, Cubase would do well to make a midi sequencer that works, keeps time and is midi only. The Hardware market is bigger now than ever and we want a reliable version of MIDI cubase. The layout and wealth of unused features makes sequencing with cubase very unapealing.This is crazey for those of us who cut our teeth on the ataris. Steinberg we will buy a midi only sequencer from you as soon as you make one again.

05-Dec-13 11:57 AM

Dolphono    Said...

Brandon, you are dead-on. I would love for Cubase to kick-it old school and release a MIDI only FULL featured version of Cubase.

11-Dec-13 12:38 PM

Anders    Said...

For me working almost entirely in the software realm I have to say Steinberg is right to charge for a software upgrade like this one. You have to appreciate the extensive amount of work doing the programming/testing and so on to provide features like this and in the end the people doing it needs to be paid. I think Cubase is a DAW that continues to improve in the right direction.It's not for everyone but it's certainly for me.

13-Dec-13 03:58 AM

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