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Sonic Touch 27 - BIAS Amp Modeller, Inter-App Audio
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Studio 139    Said...

I had not heard of bias, the models sound good, the tweak-able parameters seem to match what mods you would make to an actual amp. Always a pleasure to see Nick's metal head emerge. Great job!

29-Nov-13 11:14 PM

Malwear    Said...

Has anyone tried profiling amp models from an iPad app like this with a Kemper?

29-Nov-13 11:42 PM

dyscode    Said...

Just a side note: the Mobile Pod is only free if you have the Line 6 Mobile In or Sonic Port hardware. Without one of them you cannot use the app.

03-Dec-13 11:26 AM

Mike Bruns    Said...

I agree that Bias is a very cool piece of gear and sounds great. As the owner of an Axe FX II, their claim to be the best modeling software in existence is rubbish. The Axe II smokes Bias and is the best modeling unit I know of, having replaced some of the nicest tube amps available in my world. It doesn't profile amps, but can "tone match" them with remarkable effectiveness. It is also similar to Bias in that a huge number of internal amp controls are exposed and you can tweak the amp models in almost infinite ways (not that it's necessary to get great tone). Kemper will profile a given amp, but it's not nearly as tweakable as the Axe FX or Bias. As a tool in the Ipad, Bias is a great step up for amp sounds.

04-Dec-13 04:21 PM

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