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Podcast: Sonic TALK 340 - Elektron Analog Keys
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Studio 139    Said...

Great Show! Waves is giving away a plug-in again this year, Friday Nov. 29, and doing deep discount sales. I'm looking forward to the Pulse 2 review. It was refreshing to hear that others who have worked in the industry for a long time, still feel like Mixing is a bit of a mystery. Even though we improve our skills, sculpting space in a mix seems elusive.

29-Nov-13 03:27 AM

Joe Allen    Said...

Good show again and was really nice to hear that mark will review the analog keys because somebody HAS to. Every time you guys talk about this machine I never hear enough about its sequencer. That is what makes it special. And I guarantee that if mark reviews it he will be blown away by this thing. Yes it is complex but it is also immediate and leads to the most amazing sequences in minutes. I have had the analogue four for about 6 months and I hardly ever use ableton anymore. Nick, I know you are busy but you are seriously missing something special here. By the way I am in no way affiliated with elektron!

29-Nov-13 09:05 AM

FancyMan    Said...

Guys. It's pronounced "Skogue"

29-Nov-13 04:37 PM

Spyryl    Said...

Some people pronounce it "Skoog" while others say "Skoog". I on the other hand am in the habit of pronouncing it "Skoog" myself.

30-Nov-13 10:49 PM

Martin Landry    Said...

The Skoog works with PCs as well as Macs despite the fact that they are selling through the Apple store.

01-Dec-13 01:15 AM

brian from usa    Said...

Late reply...the Gizmotron was almost a 20th century adaptation of the hurdy gurdy, which used a cranked wheel to "bow" strings which were then fretted with a small keyboard. You mentioned the eBow, in addition to being electromagnetic could only vibrate one string at a time, where as the Gizmo can do any or all strings. There was also a bass guitar version made!

04-Dec-13 08:21 PM

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