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PPG WaveGenerator For Mac And PC Now Available
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Synth_Fan    Said...

An exquisite synth. It is wonderful to see it released as a fully fledged plugin. Wolfgang Palm should be hugely commended for doing so. Other iOS synths such as Vogel CMI and Animoog, to name but two, need to follow suit. Please flag here as soon as the AU version is available. Question - if one buys the VST version for OSX now, will the AU version free of extra charge when released?

28-Nov-13 04:33 AM

Ed A.    Said...

Sounds very nice. I'm waiting for the AU version also, so I can use it in Logic/MainStage.

28-Nov-13 01:18 PM

raphus    Said...

I'd pay a lot for a Reason Rack Extension.

29-Nov-13 01:20 AM

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