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New Synth Promises Sounds Never Heard Before
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Synth_Fan    Said...

Looks interesting - if a little superficially like NI Razor.

However, the audio demos on your web site are meaningless -they're filled with ultra-compressed / limited drum loops and other crap.

any chance you could post some clear and simple audio demos on this instrument to see if the claim you make is true (that this delivers never before heard sounds). Otherwise, the spec listed do not indicate anything particularly original.

26-Nov-13 12:02 PM

David    Said...

Just had a go on it and was hooked for an hour, it's among the best soft synths I've heard and easy to edit.

30-Nov-13 03:56 PM

Anders    Said...

I bought Spectral this weekend. For me this synth will change the music I'm making permanetly.

16-Dec-13 01:24 AM

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