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Sonic LAB: Novation LaunchControl, LaunchKey Mini
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Tom    Said...

Hi Nick, would you recommend the LaunchKey mini as a companion to Ableton Push? I want to use a real keyboard sometimes, and everything else would be taken care of by Push.

25-Nov-13 10:32 AM

Nick B    Said...

Not really, you may as well spend the money on just the keyboard, you dont really need all the extra stuff and you can get a better keybed for the money I would think

25-Nov-13 11:05 AM

Chris    Said...

I wish Nick would have spent more time on the Launchpad Mini. I've had launchpad for years, but when I saw the Mini I instantly wanted it. It looked way more portable (both smaller and thinner), yet actually seemed more playable as an instrument since it's small enough hold game controller-style and played with thumbs. Reminded me of the original monome 64...which I'm sure it can emulate. Speaking of apps, worth mentioning are the 3rd party apps that are compatible with the launchpad mini. The J74 ISO mapping adds not only Push-like scale modes to the launchpad mini, but can also be used outside of Ableton with any DAW. Also Nativekontrol's LPC and Push emulator apparently work well with the Mini. Honestly A review of those apps are way overdue.

25-Nov-13 07:54 PM

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