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Make Music With A Squeezy Cube
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Zimka    Said...

$499.99UK/$800 US? Is this a typo? It's targeted to the non-skilled musician. Those are the very ones unwilling to spend serious money on music kit. It seems like $99 would be pushing the outer limits on this. And I can think of a long list of the other items I could buy for that kind of money including a touchpad device.

25-Nov-13 03:42 PM

TGH    Said...

What happened to the real instruments lol

26-Nov-13 07:28 AM

Ron J.    Said...

If this product is intended for people with disabilities what does that say? It would seem the idea is to take advantage of disabled people by selling them a $50 toy basically for $500. I see no other justification for such an outrageously high price point.

30-Nov-13 01:34 PM

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