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10cc Gizmotron - Did It Revolutionize Music?
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DiscoFreq    Said...

I have both a bass and a guitar version ;-)

The first link also has an early ad for a "Gizmo Fingerthing", I have more ads but they're not on the site yet...

22-Nov-13 10:04 AM

DrK    Said...

They broke. ALL of them! Took down mutron fx with it.

22-Nov-13 12:24 PM    Said... is manufacturing new parts for gizmotrons and a new Gizmotron 2.0 for 2014!

Here is video of us playing a restored gizmotron:

22-Nov-13 01:57 PM

Scott McGrath    Said...

Godley and Creme's 3-album Consequences was the demo for the Gizmo. It's got 2 disks of comedy from Peter Cook mixed in with some decent songs, and was a luxurious box in vinyl. The first disk is the "showcase" for Gizmo effects.

Jimmy Page plays it on "In the Evening."

24-Nov-13 06:20 PM

Peter K.    Said...

Sounds like a Mellotron a little bit, don't you think?

25-Nov-13 05:55 PM

alphgman    Said...

Uh... no.

28-Nov-13 05:18 PM

gridsleep    Said...

10cc's homage to Herman's Hermits.

30-Nov-13 10:28 AM

vurnt22    Said...

owned 1 briefly in the 80's. I LOVED it when it worked!

01-Dec-13 07:09 PM

S R Dhain    Said...

Im sure Jimmy page used it on the start of led zeppelin's "in the evening", which would make sense as to the timeline of when that was recorded and released. Or maybe it was just his usual bowing vibe, with a load of production on top. I've never gone beyond strumming chord sequences on an accoustic, which is in the corner of the lounge, but it'd be cool if it was remade and used in today's climate.

03-Dec-13 04:59 AM

gratedane    Said...

An old one with no wheels up for auction on eBay right now.

25-Jun-15 06:55 PM

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