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Roland Analog Polyphonic Synths Emulated
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TGH    Said...

A want to hear a comparison between the real synths and the emulated without FX and compression and than we can talk.

22-Nov-13 05:31 AM

Rolland    Said...

All my old jx3ppresets sampled as well as the raw tones is available regularly on eBay at £9.99 along with all presets from the poly61 , raw tones from the multi moog , cs5, and more. Better value me thinks

22-Nov-13 06:27 AM

BigBoobsRock    Said...

Great products! Would love to buy from them but since they punish their customers with an asshole copy protection system used by others, I will never buy their stuff.

22-Nov-13 08:18 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...


I like this company's products but their customer relations are..."minimal" say the least.

Of their other emulations I'm after one of them, but they only sell them as a completel bundle for near $400.

Too expensive and too inflexible in what they sell.

a pity - their products look intriguing otherwise.

22-Nov-13 09:58 AM

JuicyJuss    Said...

Awesome, thanks UVI !!

@ THG : it seems to be a sample-based library so you will get the waveforms and sounds from the original synths. You can switch off any FX I guess if you need to compare ;-)

@ BigBoobsRock : I heard there will be a way to avoid the iLok dongle in the next future (machine activation)...... Stay tuned from

@ Synth_Fan : never heard that. They seems to be more than responsive !

22-Nov-13 12:52 PM

Synth_Fan    Said...

@JuicyJess -

I wanted to buy one synth from the vintage bundle but the company would not sell it separately - they would not engage the idea - they were only interested in selling the whole $400 bundle.

What company makes individual synth emulations - and then tries the sell the lot to an individual musician? Don't they even get the concept that an individual musician may only want one of those emulations?

To me it smacked of lack of care, and a singular desire just to make money with no regard for the customer.

In fact - I began to suspect the company as bogus - someone in their bedroom masquerading as a more earnest company, and backed off completely. I'm sure I'm wrong, but that's the 'whiff' I got from dealing with them.

To boot, the CS emulation I was interested in didn't sound that accurate.

It would take a lot to persuade me to buy from them; and I'm a legitimate composer and project studio owner.

22-Nov-13 04:53 PM

waveformTX    Said...

Korg reissue and creates affordable analog and work station synths. Arturia and Novation create awesome cheap analogs. Yamaha puts out the MOXf as a great affordable workstation that is upgradable and DAW centric. Roland creates software recreations and hasn't produced anything new, usefull, and afordable in years. Seems like Roland is lagging behind the times in a bad way.

22-Nov-13 07:30 PM

Rolland    Said...

Korg Poly61+ Roland JX3P All Presets and Raw tones Sampled + Multimoog + SX1000

On eBay uk now

23-Nov-13 07:16 AM

HADT    Said...

You can buy a JX10 for 350 euro. Go for the real thing!

26-Nov-13 07:46 AM

BigBoobsRock    Said...

@ JuicyJuss- Thx for the update! I just miss the days of a simple serial copy protection. Companies forget it's how good the products are that make people buy not the iLock crap.

26-Nov-13 08:30 AM

gridsleep    Said...

So, the UVX-10P is basically a sample pack included with a player modulator. It's not a ground up reproduction of all the analog circuitry in software. It's mimicking an analog synth, rather than emulating one. A lyre bird, in other words.

30-Nov-13 10:08 AM

Mike    Said...

I owned two JX-8P's and an MKS-70. I just bought this UVX-10P yesterday. I wish it had the ROM presets of the original JX-8P's, so I could rebuild the sounds I created back in the 80's. Alas, it doesn't.

07-Apr-14 11:30 AM

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