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A Close-Up Look At Kurt Cobain's Fender Guitar Collection
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Rick-Hayward-Ca.    Said...

Thats a cool Post!!! & I dont even care for the guy or that band! the local radio forced us to listen to grunge,Bong grunge bay in the Day!

18-Nov-13 12:16 PM

keith Blakelock    Said...

Kurt Cobain was one seriously bland person. In praise of the dull?No fuck that .He was hardly known for a trademark sound. the best track they made was after he died and Times like these.Grohl s best and only decent track.

18-Nov-13 12:30 PM    Said...

Bland? Kurt was punk. Brutal uncomfortable raw punk with an incredible gift for perfect melody and aggressive dissonance at the same time. His songwriting is on a level that only a handful of people have gotten to. Play his songs on an acoustic while fingerpicking his vocal lines and Dave's harmonies - it's fantastic stuff. He changed the industry and helped make accessible the seething punk/sludge/metal hardcore scene. It was then wrapped up in a neat little package and sold to the kids as Grunge.

A cool move by Fender.

22-Nov-13 06:59 AM

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