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Virtual Patchbay For Plug-Ins
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Koshdukai    Said...

meh... thought it was "Reason-like rack patch wiring" of VSTs virtual fake back panels, done procedurally (obviously) according to their respective ins/outs, although... allowing the original VST devs to provide a "real" back panel, manually drawn would be interesting :)

Still don't get why isn't there something like that, done right, from any "medium/big boys" coupled with spreadsheet/matrix-based editing of those wirings, for those confused by wire-spaghetti.

There's a few attempts though, like Plogue's Bidule but those could so much more than what they are. They nailed the technical aspect of "wiring" but the GUI isn't attractive, "clean" and easy to use like a "true" virtual rack would be.

(you can easily tell I'm a Reason user that also uses VSTs, can't you? ;))

13-Nov-13 05:43 AM

Fred Sanford    Said...

So, can this be used as an audio unit host for effects/instruments that are only available in vst format in a DAW like logic that's audio unit only?

13-Nov-13 09:21 AM

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