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Korg Littlebits Synth Kit Product Page Up
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Henrik    Said...

LittleBits' Japanese site says available from mid December, open price, ¥16,000 if bought from Korg online (same as US price)

11-Nov-13 05:25 AM

GTRman    Said...

I think Korg has lost there way. They are moving into the toy business. Do they really think musicians have time to build there own synths? And how many mono analog synths can one have before becoming redundant and boring sounding. There quality has definitely gone down the drain because the new MS20 & Volca line is very poor quality.

11-Nov-13 08:55 AM

Kevin Nolan    Said...

I think this is very important. It's a significant shift in thinking - the notion of delivering synthesis in a completely modular and user configurable way.

Admittedly, this looks like a toy, but the concept is valid and intriguing - a further extension of the ideas expressed in monotron and monotribe; but even more than that, it's a nod towards the types of ideas embedded in iPad (a slate upon which you develop your own work flow and activity), and which underpin social networks (everyone becomes a synthesist??).

While I'm a huge fan of classic (and new), serious synthesisers as true musical instruments, it is clear that the synthesiser market has currently lost it's way. Apart from the occasional new, exciting design, the majority of synth releases are nothing more than inferior replicas of past classics.

This is different. It is a model that may deliver serious, innovative results both on the part of designers and end-users; and may lead to new types of synthesis in music, and allows young and old, un-wealthy and wealthy alike to partake.

I own a huge number of synths including restored CS80s and Prophet T8s, but I cannot wait to acquire some of these modules - and equally - to look on the likes of Youtube and see kids blow me away with their innovative use of them that my (slightly!) ageing mind might never consider !!!

The similar release of digital modules mentioned on Sonicstate Nick's recent video session are equally intriguing, and both point to something energising and, for me, nervously exciting, in the world of synthesis.

Modular synthesis we can all understand, and - for the masses. Well done Korg! From OASYS and Radias to iMS20 and Volca, they continue with astounding innovation. I hope this is very successful for them.

11-Nov-13 01:58 PM

max    Said...

I want one !!

11-Nov-13 03:23 PM

factual act    Said...

Nah ! Landfill.

11-Nov-13 06:45 PM

Peter K.    Said...

I'm with Kevin on this one.

I think Korg are doing some very innovative things at very cheap prices. But not all of their gear are toys... the Kronos is the most serious synth beast out there; two years on it still has no competition.

I do agree a bit with GTRman in one way though: it would be nice to see them do some of their analogue stuff in a more robust way. Although I'm grateful to own an MS-20 mini, I would have paid a few hundred more for a full size instrument. But every product like that is a gamble. Don't forget one of their best sellers is the decade old Micro Korg...

I bet it all comes back to affordable risk taking.

I might have to put a few of these synth kits together and build Devastator. We'll see...

11-Nov-13 09:34 PM

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