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Win EastWest Complete Composers Collection 2
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Andrewst    Said...

I don't normally post reviews or comments like this, but East/West has left me disappointed and I've pretty much wasted $1000 since their product isn't polished enough for use and they won't give me a refund or allow me to sell it.

I ordered the Composer's Collection 2 for some live performance work and this product shows real promise but it doesn't deliver consistently. The problem I found, once I got through all the problematic installation errors and emailing with their tech support for updates that should've been included in my brand new product, is that the sampled recordings have audible ambient noises on single notes in most of the libraries and instruments I want to use. I can't identify all the sounds, but it might be a chair squeak, audible breath or mouth noise or something, buzzing, pops, etc. The majority of each instrument is fine but if I'm playing a melodic passage that happens to hit the note with the noise, it draws attention to the fact that it's a virtual instrument and not a real one when the same odd noise is repeated every time that note is played, especially bad when played repeatedly in close succession. I found too many of these noise to be comfortable with my $1000 purchase and I felt I wouldn't be able to use this product. I raised my concerns to their customer service and tech support, hoping that they could fix the samples; but that's not happening apparently. I don't understand how a product could be released with so many extra noises in the samples. If I was recording a note on an instrument and I heard a squeak, I'd say, "Oh, we need to record that note again" and get it right before selling it to the public.

Within the first 2 weeks of having this product, I realized I bought an unfinished product and requested my money back and that they should remove the iLok licenses - they refused. Then I requested permission to try to sell the product and have them transfer the iLok authorization to the new owner so I could at least get some of my money back and purchase something else from a different company that I could actually use and be happy with, but they said no to that too.

To summarize, the product has potential but isn't ready for market, they won't refund me and won't let me sell it off, so I'm stuck with a product I can't use and out $1000. Why can't they just give me a refund and deactivate my iLok? I know they can access it since I switched a library when I first got it and they went in and switched things on my iLok account. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THAT ANY ONE BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY UNTIL THEY FULLY TEST THEIR PRODUCTS OR MAKE IT CLEAR THAT IT HAS ISSUES.

09-Jan-14 12:25 AM

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