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Korg Little Bits Synth Kits Officially Announced
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Ramco    Said...

Toy's, toy's toy's. Nothing but toy instruments today. Musicians don't have the time to build tinny little synths. Who would want too? My 4 & 5 year old children might like them. Korg is really into the toy business these days.

08-Nov-13 11:42 AM

Tribrix    Said...

Plenty of respectable musicians create viable, popular music using toys. Nothing wrong with that in the least. You can't say they don't know how to have fun, which is more than I can say for some . . .

08-Nov-13 01:13 PM

James    Said...

any instrument can be considered a "toy"... especially by synth snobs like Ramco here.

08-Nov-13 02:34 PM

Ben    Said...

the patchblocks seem cool too:

09-Nov-13 02:52 AM

rezlaze    Said...

nice! and after all, you "play" an instrument :)

09-Nov-13 03:22 PM


O.K i have to now agree with some people here. The name Korg has gone toytown. A turn for the worse ? Maybe, or just a sideline ? I bought the ms20m but after that i think they are hitting rock bottom now. I thought they couldn't do much worse than the volcas but this takes the prize. Toys but not serious ones anymore.

09-Nov-13 06:24 PM

Synth_Fan    Said...

very, very, VERY exciting

kids, emerging musician and seasoned professionals will surely all love this (?)

(a paradigm shift, or pandora's box opened ?? - as in - the notion of a complete synth, designed by a synth company, a thing of the past ??)

10-Nov-13 02:37 PM

HnnH    Said...

While I normally hate people saying smaller synths are "toys", I will say these are in fact "toys", as in they are meant for people to play with without fear of the expectation of creating something. Simple answers on why this exists: A) There are a lot of folks who are interested in electronic music but don't know how to make a hobby of it outside of following artists/blogs and this kind of synth-by-way-of-LEGO kit is very non-threatening (if companies only sold synths to serious musicians the market would be a lot smaller) B) Korg is a Japanese company and small, fun and odd curios are very much part of the culture C) The modular world is growing all the time and someone like Korg has little idea how to make that work for them, but by partnering with Little Bits they can test the waters with a minimum of impact of the larger brand currently trying to sell digital workstations to pros

10-Nov-13 10:58 PM

Boards of Canada    Said...

These will be all over our next album! BOC

11-Nov-13 01:31 AM

GOjoe    Said...

I agree, toy synths are built like crap and will not last the test of time. You know how musicians search for 1980's synths because they sound so great and are built with quality, them days are gone because these cheap toys will not last 2 years if that. Ebay will be full of them in 6 months and every band will sound the same because they used these toys for there signature sound (big mistake). When are we going to see some decent synths from Korg or are they now in the toy business. Korg will be all over Toys for Us.

14-Nov-13 08:05 AM

blox electrix    Said...

Upon initially thinking along the lines of toytown production etc.. I now take it back. There are plenty of good grown up synthesizers being produced by other makers. This venture with Korg & Littlebits is o.k. I don't want one but it's o.k still, another idea that could blossom into anything really.

20-Nov-13 09:28 AM

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