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Maschine's New Drum Synths Demo
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Triton4    Said...

My samples sound better so why would I spend $1,000.00 on this upgrade. Too expensive for what it is "just a controller".

08-Nov-13 11:50 AM

NIck    Said...

I'm pretty sure that the software upgrade only is around €99

08-Nov-13 12:53 PM

dv    Said...

I agree that the Studio is too high of a price, but I bought the MK2 when the software upgrade was announced, and the workflow is SO easy, it removes a lot of the barriers from creation. If you buy the Mikro, you're really getting a ton of bang for your buck in terms of the software and all of the samples and instruments that are included. I'm happier with this purchase than a lot of the other gear I've bought.

That said, I had to upgrade OS X to Mavericks to get Maschine 2.0 working, and that led to a whole ordeal that ate a lot of hours. There's a lot to be said for hardware that doesn't need a computer.

08-Nov-13 07:05 PM

Mattsynth    Said...

I agree with you dv. Upgrading software can be a real pain in the @$$. NI is known for doing that so I have dropped a lot of there software synths. I also have a MK2 but will not be upgrading the software. I like to freeze my software so I can spend more time writing music instead of always trying to keep up with the latest greatest software version. Hardware synths work the same 20 year later as they did the day you purchase them, and that is a real pleasure to a working musician.

11-Nov-13 09:09 AM

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