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Sonic Lab: Axiom Air 61 MIDI Controller
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brian from usa    Said...

12 is the new 16????

08-Nov-13 07:13 AM

z    Said...

iOS MP4 link is bro... oh, what's the use ;)

08-Nov-13 08:14 AM

Nick B    Said...

MP4 Fixed!

08-Nov-13 08:32 AM

Marcus    Said...

Thank for doing a review that didn't talk all about that "stupid" bundled software recorder. They talked so much about that horrible piece of crap that really has no more integration than just getting a real Daw and using HyperControl…. you never really got a feel for what the actual hardware can do until now. Might have to check it out

12-Nov-13 12:07 PM

beoleTM    Said...

Hi Nick,

I bought the Axiom Air 61 yesterday after seeing your Video. But it would be important to know, that HyperControl doesn't work with Logic Pro X yet! Very dissapointing ...

All the Best from Switzerland, beole

14-Nov-13 05:12 AM

Koshdukai    Said...

16 Pads... c'mon Nick? Where did you hide the missing 4? ;)

14-Nov-13 09:23 AM

a random user    Said...

I like the keys and faders, but absolutely hate the encoders in MIDI-mode. They speed up too much too fast from crawling slowly to full 0-127 in about a quarter turn. Hope they fix this with a firmware update (preferable to something like their operation in Hypercontrol-mode)

15-Nov-13 10:11 AM

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