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Podcast: Sonic TALK - iPad Air, Korg Littlebits
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kan    Said...

sorry, but I think you've all missed the point of the live coding video and I hope I don't come out too rude about this, but I don't think he was trying to prove how entertaining coding is, but rather that you can do live improvisation with it.

one of the things with programming is that you write the code and then run it. check for mistakes, run it again and only then you see the results. the difference here is that the code was running as he was writing it, which is quite a big thing and can be thought as "live coding".

another point was that he was using only the computer and he was doing an improvisation in real time, which I think is a rather difficult thing to do using any other software, DAW - and I mean here, to load all the instruments, play all the notes, adjust effects etc. using only a computer. the person doing it would much rather appear to be checking his email, while this guy was looking like writing an email :)

and finally, regarding the big distance between thinking it and playing it, again, I don't think is bigger than when using any other DAW. we're not talking about playing one instrument here, but rather doing a whole piece.

I might be wrong. anyway, I'm writing this because I really like hearing you talk and this thing got me thinking.


07-Nov-13 09:35 AM

Ununseptium    Said...

Noneric was perhaps using the wasp in the video but it sounded like his Sweet Blockbuster sample!

07-Nov-13 03:42 PM

hui    Said...

Bad mp3 link, guys...

07-Nov-13 06:17 PM

Nick B    Said...

Sorry folks, my main machine is at the repair shop, permissions not set on upload in this one - should be okay now

08-Nov-13 04:05 AM

hui    Said...

Thanks Nick - downloading the mp3 now :)

08-Nov-13 06:51 PM

Leslie    Said...

Hey Nick, iOS 7 is SO much better. I think you should: 1. Do the Sonic Touch 2. Get iPad Air to really appreciate the difference. 3. Get Gaz to to doit, since obviously you have no idea...

11-Nov-13 08:59 AM

KingVidiot    Said...

Good to see Noneric again. He always has a lot of energy. Too bad he doesn't subtitle his Musotalk vids in English. I've been watching several other synth videos on YouTube lately with subtitles and they're really good. Please do it Noneric!

11-Nov-13 02:05 PM

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