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Wireless Portable Speaker Designed For Musicians
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Champ    Said...

Did IK just say all home studio monitors sound terrible? :-P

07-Nov-13 04:17 AM

RP    Said...

If IK follow their normal model once you buy the speaker you will then have to pay for add-ons, possibly as follows

- On Button $4.99 - Off Button $9.99 - Volume Knob $8.99 - Audio Input (pro version) $19.99

But rest assured, within a few weeks all will be on a 50% Sale

07-Nov-13 11:11 AM

Anti -Ik vengeance spammer    Said...

It probably interrupts your music every ten minutes to advertise their other products ,....whilst secretly using your forum accounts to spam music forums about their products under your name .

I despise IK's publicising tactics and will never give them a penny .

07-Nov-13 04:34 PM

craigSound    Said...

and yet another IK (ick) FAIL... an itty bitty backwards group of a few people who failed at music careers trying to play company. look it up. full of their own puff. you can't polish a turd and ik will always try to sell us true turds in the world of honest and talented musicians who know better than to look twice.

08-Nov-13 11:59 AM

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