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Hear A Classic 60s Moog Modular
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joossens    Said...

You guys host an audio website and you couldn't amplify the sound on this video?

06-Nov-13 03:24 PM

Nick B    Said...

Well its not our video and we dont get access to the footage - sorry

06-Nov-13 05:43 PM

S R Dhain    Said...

you just cannot beat the sound of a vintage moog modular. Im fortunate that ive had some play time with a system 55 and a smaller portable, which was in two sections ( 2P?) over the years, and those 901 oscillators are VERY powerful. The filter is a classic, and theyre not as immediately intuitive as a minimoog ( obviously), but when you start to hear even two oscillators beating...heaven.

06-Nov-13 05:56 PM

GTRman    Said...

Can you please email me this video in braille so I can hear it.

07-Nov-13 07:53 AM

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