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A Good Reason To Buy Reason
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Leslie    Said...

I'm not so sure about that. Reason is gradually becoming my most expensive DAW and it is not fully fledged DAW to begin with. The problem here is, that all the instruments that you buy are strictly Reason and unlike VST's or AU's totally incompatible with other DAWs. I have already spent a small fortune on this. much more than on Cubase, Logic and Live. Still love Reason though...

05-Nov-13 06:51 AM

Leslie    Said...

BTW; Eagerly awaiting next Sonic Touch episode... ;)

05-Nov-13 06:55 AM

RP    Said...

I agree, bit by bit I have added REs (a lot of which where definitely impulse purchases that are rarely used) and it certainly adds up. Some day someone will build an RE that acts like MUSE and allows AUs or VSTs to be loaded into it and won't that be something, although Props may not even let that one through the store. Do love though that a crashing RE just takes its own instanse down so there is merrit in this architecture.

That aside, don't get me started on when manufacturers do promotions like this and make people like me feel like i again suffer for being an early adopter.

05-Nov-13 10:59 AM

selercs    Said...

Reason is a good software - however, they need to go to the workstation concept - have more of bread and butter sounds (combis are good start). Reason drums for eg have sounds only on limited keys while with a full fledged hardware workstation like Yamaha or Korg, I can get superb drum sounds mapped all across the keyboard.

Reason has that preset instrument (I forget its name - but it's made out of combis but with a common gui), but it has very very few presets.

Tweaking is good but in today's age when you are expected to be the songwriter, producer, sound designer, you need to have workstation like presets for inspiration.

05-Nov-13 12:52 PM

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