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Coding Realtime Music - Andrew Sorensen
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lazenbleep    Said...

it's incredible live! Much better than watching a dj

04-Nov-13 10:17 AM


Having come from an I.T. background, I Really enjoyed this, so shared on twitter and fb!

04-Nov-13 12:07 PM

Se7eN    Said...

Such talent...

05-Nov-13 01:49 AM

Twitchy    Said...


I've been waiting for this!!

This is such a great expression of a dream, and represents a merger of many innovative ideas into one brief, yet, larger expression.

I am sure that this (and many other 'expressions' like this) can and will inspire this type of, 'expression' to be combined with "other types" of brief, yet, larger expressions… continue to help create and realize other's dreams

So Nicee



05-Nov-13 02:59 PM

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