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Maschine Studio And V2.0 Software In Depth
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Benedict Johnson    Said...

I've never seen what a Maschine does before. Low and behold, it appears to be exactly the tool I've been needing all these years! Here I've been, attempting to chop up samples and arrange loops in real time with a mouse, when I could've been using a specially designed system for doing precisely that!!

Those drum synths sound cool too (straight out of N.I. DrumLab, no doubt).

But, who can afford it? That's an inSANE price

Gaz however, is awesome - may there be no ambivalence or ambiguity there!

31-Oct-13 02:25 PM

phraggle    Said...

Go for a MK2 unit instead. More reasonably priced and does the same thing, basically.

31-Oct-13 02:39 PM

MPC-Fanatic    Said...

I picked up Maschine Studio and 2.0 last night. I have been going through all the hands on aspect of this product. I am finding quite a few functions that I need to reach for my mouse.

What I am finding is that NI focused on integrating the hardware controls with the 2 large LCD screens. In turn, they ignored or didn't make a priority out of the hardware actually controlling the software.

While it is nice to have Maschine Studio feel like you are working on a hardware drum machine instead of a computer, NI is wasting the functionality that a huge 27" monitor brings.

Before products like Maschine were around, many hardware users were asking for VGA monitor support so we wouldn't have to squint at some small LCD screen. Now that we have this in these hybrid products...we are being taken back to the stone ages.

One set of functionality shouldn't be sacrificed over another set. I feel as though this huge controller should have 100% control over all aspects of what is displayed on your computer monitor.

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01-Nov-13 06:35 AM

GTRman    Said...

Not for $1,000.00. Its only a controller. Too rich for me. I have a MK2 unit and MPC-Fanatic is correct. For a controller you have to use a mouse quite a bit and I see that the new Studio is no different. It also does not sit well in a DAW environment. Maybe some day NI will get it right.

01-Nov-13 06:51 AM

champ    Said...

Got them in today (black ones) Its a great controller. One of the best builds on the market today. It has all the features you need with Maschine Software. (I do wished Gaz would discussed the capabilities of MIDI and external gear) The price 999,- for what you get is worth it. If you love Maschine software and looking for the ultimate controller this is the one to get.

Also I encourage everyone to get the 2.0 software update. Huge improvements.

Thanks Gaz for the review. :-)

01-Nov-13 08:34 AM

EMwhite    Said...

Those screens sure like perty but too much for all but hardcore users in my opinion.

I'm a somewhat lightweight user of MASCHINE. Have the Mk1, use it for beats to play along to and to construct quick drum loops; that's about it.

But the v2 software, while first seen as a bit much for me, may actually be something I'm going to move fwd on thanks to this review.

Outside of SonicTalk, this is my first view of Gaz in 'reviewer' mode. Having been used to Nick's style across a number of years, it has always been off-putting seeing somebody else in this role. But I found Gaz engaging and useful (certainly passionate about this tech). Thanks SonicState; great way to spend 1/2 an hour while I should be working!

01-Nov-13 09:06 AM

RP    Said...

I am a MaschineMK1 user for years, love the thing so much. It really is one of those units that in theory seems pretty cool, but when you get hands on the workflow is astounding for productivity.

Was initially super excited about Studio and 2.0, (thank God there was a month between anouncement and shipping date or the credit card would have been used). In retrospect, I think as a MK1 owner it's a real struggle to think about dropping a grand and essentially throwing the Mk1 into the 'dust gathering' pile.

Really glad to read what you wrote MPC about still requiring a mouse for stuff, and to be honest you are right...why would you ignore the 27" monitor option it makes little sense.

01-Nov-13 02:57 PM

MPC-hater    Said...


Stop spamming your website. We like it here at Sonicstate. When you have nothing to offer just don't post. Its rude to spam. ;)

You say the Maschine Studio still needs a mouse etc. But you never state what is actually not working. Makes me think you didn't even try to see what the Studio can do. but just want people to know your website.

02-Nov-13 04:24 AM

MPC-Fanatic    Said...

@MPC Hater By all means continue to hate.

If you really want to know which features are not accessible from the controller you can 1) Buy Maschine Studio and see for yourself or 2) Ask questions on You Tube or in respective thread(s) I have created.

05-Nov-13 10:17 AM

Jamma    Said...

thats all good and well. but have you heard my latest song?

05-Nov-13 02:26 PM

Jamma    Said...

thats all good and well. but have you heard my latest song?

05-Nov-13 02:26 PM

Jamma    Said...

thats all good and well. but have you heard my latest song?

05-Nov-13 02:27 PM

Jim    Said...

thats all good and well. but have you heard my latest song?

05-Nov-13 02:27 PM

Jamma Robinson    Said...

thats all good and well. but have you heard my latest song?

05-Nov-13 02:28 PM

K9User    Said...

They should offer the hardware controller at a discount, for Komplete owners, since they already much of the software.

26-Nov-13 07:37 PM

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