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TC Electronic Tempts Lexicon Reverb Users
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Synth_Fan    Said...

So - TC Electronics can afford to offer their 6000 system for 400 Euro?

But - they are offering it only to high end Lexicon users. So TC Electronics are saying to the rest of the world; "We can afford to sell our 6000 system to a selected user base for 4000 Euro, but to the rest of you - we're keen to screw you over for several thousand Euro more - just because we think we can".

Good strategy TC Electronics - that's it - reveal you can afford to sell the system for 4000 Euro; but arbitrarily charge more to every one but Lexicon users. That should satisy everyone and work !

I wonder if the same level of logic has gone into their Reverb algorithms?

29-Oct-13 06:22 AM

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