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MicroBrute In Action
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Koshdukai    Said...

I guess, in a strange and weird convoluted (smart, accidental?) way, this "failed" secret is working. All the leaks are keeping the hype, trickling details with an "underground" almost illegal feeling to the sharing of any info about it :P

24-Oct-13 04:23 AM

Matthew Tanner    Said...

Super cool looking synth. Super bad sounding snare drum when the band kicks in! Or is it just me?

24-Oct-13 04:36 AM

Nick B    Said...

Yeah way too loud! Anyhow, I think perhaps the hand was forced on this due to other leaks, (I dont know this), but also the teaser has been very short no? Only a week I think, pretty manageable. But als least I can say what it is now and that we have a review coming

24-Oct-13 04:53 AM

Oscdrift    Said...

Rx3 should have been implemented......

24-Oct-13 05:07 AM

brian from usa    Said...

Slick video, no content. Hey, what's with the Korg she was playing on stage? Patch bay = mod matrix???? I'd rather have switches, thank you very much.

24-Oct-13 06:20 AM

Koshdukai    Said...

Having that Mod Matrix allows you to have both: internal and external Patch Bay, so you're free to use internal or external CV sources and destinations.

I found it "cute", usable and quite an open modulation architecture, TBH.

24-Oct-13 07:23 AM

RP    Said...

Hey Propellerheads, can we have the name of your ad agency, we want to do one of those 'lifestyle synth' thingys you tend to do that suggests this is the instrument of choice for beautiful hipsters. Also, do you suggest we include a warning that unless you are a blonde female on some open minded Euro train, whipping one of these out on your average public transport system will get you ridiculed and potentially stabbed. Finally Propellerheads, do you happen to know if we mistakenly hired a girl to appear in the advert, then subsequently found she has minimal (not the genre, the quantity) rhythm and can't dance are we contractually obliged to continue using her? I know, pointless bitchiness on my part there or what!

24-Oct-13 08:06 AM

Artur    Said...

to the commenter above : RP must not stand for "Read properly"!

24-Oct-13 08:36 AM

selercs    Said...

I hear polyphonic chords in the beginning! Is it multi-tracked tediously or has paraphonic nodes (invidual oscillators with different pitches) as in waldorf pulse 2?

24-Oct-13 09:23 AM

GTRman    Said...

Are they mini keys? I hate mini keys. I don't have mini hands.

24-Oct-13 11:30 AM

Barterly    Said...

Ha, I actually laughed at the RP comment, I drew the same comparison,. Artur, I didn't get the "Read properly" thing,

Here's my thing, and I know this is the first time ever this has been raised.

I get the desire for a vintage analog piece of kit, history and the quirks that came along with each one. I get true analog in a live setting, playing out a PA system they generally, not always, can sound warmer etc.

But when you are just capturing that sound into 0s and 1s in your average studio so just getting a digital representation of the sound, is it really worth living with the pain of not being able to save presets and not having midi etc. I dunno, I still haven't worked out if it's all emperors new clothes or not.

24-Oct-13 02:41 PM

Brute    Said...

That sounds fantastic - I mean - the Korg Delta. It really makes the song !

24-Oct-13 03:46 PM

DonDraper    Said...

I mean that's all good and well, but while she is working on the synth solo who is keeping up with the household chores.

I think the message is clear, fellas, keep your ladies away from the Arturia MicroBrute unless you want to be making your own meals after a hard day at the office :)

Sarc of course. Cheesy vid though. Nice looking little synth.

24-Oct-13 04:32 PM

LagrangeAudio    Said...

What with all this Arturia MicroBrute nonsense the thing I loved about the MiniBrute was the fact that it allowed me to make a cup of tea while it warmed up and stabilised. I like synths that give you the time to brew a pot of tea before a session. When I bought it I was also considering it against the new Korg MS-20 and then the guy told me that although the Korg was analog it had analog oscillators that were digitally stabilised.

Conversation as follows:

Me: "What the f$&% does that mean?" Sales Guy: "I'm f$&%ed if I know" Me: "So it won't let me make a cup of tea then?" Sales Guy: "No you can play it as soon as you turn it on" Me: "It's settled then, I'll take the MiniBrute"

25-Oct-13 01:09 AM

cocteau    Said...

why is she playing ( and I am hearing ) polyphonic chords around the 0:20 mark ?

25-Oct-13 10:54 PM

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