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A Thinner iPad
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RP    Said...

Besides the change in the naming scheme no real surprises I guess. For people like myself (iPad 1 owners) it's probably the time to take the leap, purely because of lack of IOS and subsequently appsupdates available for my unit (which no doubt would be able to support IOS7 but that wouldn't bring in apple revenue).

I think the most shocking thing about the anouncements yesterday was that Apple intends to keep the iPad 2 in production and make it available for $100 less than a new Air....must be clever way to make people throw in the extra cash and get a new model because that's otherwise a bit insane.

Hows everyone else feeling about the new Pad?

23-Oct-13 09:11 AM

synthmann    Said...

Same here. iPad1 owner that now sees the time right to upgrade. Although I'll most likely be getting the new mini-retina as the smaller form factor and low weight make it more comfortable for longer use, like reading articles and books. It also has the same horsepower as the ipad air now so I see no reason to carry around just a bigger screen. If i want a bigger screen I'll use my macbook air. Would be nice though if Apple would make IOS apps run on OSX as well, as I have plenty of apps that I would like to run on the macbook air from time to time.

23-Oct-13 11:21 AM

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