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Octave Cat From GForce Software
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Richard    Said...

I really like these Gforce synth specials, top work. ;)

22-Oct-13 10:47 AM

kavakon    Said...

Im selling a kitten in Los Angeles.


22-Oct-13 11:29 AM

brian from usa    Said...

I guess when Octave went bankrupt a lot of stock was "misplaced". I can recall at least two times back in the 90s when a number of boxed units (both Cats and Kittens) popped up for sale.

22-Oct-13 01:31 PM

EdEagan    Said...

Everything about this video is stellar. A mint Cat well explained and a beautiful composition at the end. Well done Dave.

22-Oct-13 07:31 PM

LagrangeAudio    Said...

Nice work Dave, the HD version looks and sounds brilliant on a big screen and sound system!!!

22-Oct-13 09:22 PM

Matthew Tanner    Said...

Great video Gforce - must have taken a while to make, so thanks. Enjoyed learning about a new synth and particularly liked the music at the end. Triffic!

23-Oct-13 03:33 AM

ekcmusic    Said...

Thanks Dave! Your work and knowledge are always inspiring.

23-Oct-13 11:46 AM

bead    Said...

Dave Spiers is a 10th degree black belt in all things regarding synthesizers.

The original music at the end was awesome, and made me want to put on my expanding headband.

I'm hoping for a Cat soft synth!

24-Oct-13 06:35 AM

blox electrix    Said...

Totally enjoyed that video. It was really well measured & i think good archive material. The synth sounds lush ,especially that low end, boom ! Thankyou, i look forward to the catstick vid .

24-Oct-13 12:57 PM

Studio 139    Said...

Excellent walk through of a nice compact synth that was actually quite expressive. It would have been interesting to hear about the mechanical properties of the synth, such as key bed and knob quality, oscillator stability and which parts tend to go bad on them, but I loved the presentation and the track at the end was great.

24-Oct-13 01:36 PM

phraggle    Said...

Excellent video and great tune at the end there. Nice!

24-Oct-13 08:01 PM

eXode    Said...

If my memory serves me right (I haven't watched the video yet, so I don't know if it's mentioned), the Octave Cat was equipped with the SSM2040 which imho is one of the best sounding 4-pole LPF circuits ever made. That very filter was found on the early Prophet 5's (pre Rev. 3) as well.

26-Oct-13 03:00 PM

eXode    Said...

Correction/clarification. Apparently it's the early Cat's that have the SSM2040, the later model used the SSM2044. Also a great filter, but I personally prefer the SSM2040 out of the two.

26-Oct-13 03:13 PM

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