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Arturia Tease Sets Synth Tongues Wagging
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blox electrix    Said...

YIPEEEEEE !!! You lot have one ! Awesome, can't wait to see this. This is the most exiting thing since the ms20m for me.

20-Oct-13 10:11 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

Sonicstate - quite shocked that you've released this image before Arturia announce it. Did you have their permission. If not, I cam imagine them being pretty annoyed, and other companies thinking twice about forwarding such info to you in the future.

You've just killed their marketing time-line!

As an aside (!) :-) : IMO this sort of release is depressing. Whether it's Dave Smith and his yet-another-release-to-rip-off-the-user base or releases like this; the synthesizer business has taken a depressing turn of late, where innovation has been replaced by the endless release of crappy little analogue toys. Minibrute had some credibility; but this release is pure commercial cynicism.

20-Oct-13 10:34 AM

Nick B    Said...

Synth_fan, kind of you to be concerned, but we were not the first, we would not have broken the silence if it were not for these facts being openly available on several other high profile sites.

20-Oct-13 10:48 AM

Champ    Said...


Sonicstate didn't leak this. When its on the net its on the net. It would be embarrassing not to talk about it. Don't blame Sonicstate for getting it under peoples attention. Its a news site for crying out load. Ow and for the record. Things like this get leaked all the time. Many times the companies do it themselves to get the word going.

Now about the product... I didn't care much for the Minibrute. But I do see this Microbrute come in handy as a portable cv keyboard with modular stuff so I might get one after all. :)

20-Oct-13 10:49 AM

GTRman    Said...

Ohhh great, another tiny little synth toy for the ebay kiddies - whatever Arturia, call me when you have a 63 voice, 236 key revolutionary synth that finally makes up for my tiny tiny manhood.

20-Oct-13 02:08 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

I thought they were supposed to be working on an Access Virus soft synth. Thought they were announcing that.

20-Oct-13 02:20 PM

Ebay Kiddy    Said...

Errr, yeah like uumm. I'm jus' like a kinda lesser err type of synth user bu't evun i cun see that this synthesizer is only the smokescreen leek. It will be accompanied by a big brother. You have to think outside the box, it's too simple to be taken on face value.

20-Oct-13 05:47 PM

BruteFactor    Said...

First couple of things I notice here: The filter mode switch has 3 modes as opposed to the 4 modes of the Minibrute so we may be getting a totally different filter - also the arpeggiator is replaced with a sequencer with 8 patterns. My guess would be this is aimed at not only the Volca crowd but also to anyone with a minibrute as both a CV sequencer unit for the minibrute and a slightly different synth all in one.

20-Oct-13 09:21 PM

BruteFactor    Said...

First couple of things I notice here: The filter mode switch has 3 modes as opposed to the 4 modes of the Minibrute so we may be getting a totally different filter - also the arpeggiator is replaced with a sequencer with 8 patterns. My guess would be this is aimed at not only the Volca crowd but also to anyone with a minibrute as both a CV sequencer unit for the minibrute and a slightly different synth all in one.

20-Oct-13 09:21 PM

BruteFactor    Said...

First couple of things I notice here: The filter mode switch has 3 modes as opposed to the 4 modes of the Minibrute so we may be getting a totally different filter - also the arpeggiator is replaced with a sequencer with 8 patterns. My guess would be this is aimed at not only the Volca crowd but also to anyone with a minibrute as both a CV sequencer unit for the minibrute and a slightly different synth all in one.

20-Oct-13 09:22 PM

BruteFactor    Said...

Damn you faulty comments!

20-Oct-13 09:22 PM

LagrangeAudio    Said...

Interesting one this. On the one hand as a Mini Brute owner (great machine BTW) there is always the risk that a 'micro' might appear under done. Saying that, this is where the market segment is (simple / simpler analogs) so Arturia obviously believe it will be a winner and likely will be given what people are prepared to spend. Interestingly the number of people who thought their next move after the Mini Brute might be a poly version was amusing.

20-Oct-13 09:25 PM

E    Said...

I was expecting a Polybrute

20-Oct-13 10:13 PM

LagrangeAudio    Said...

@E: As I was naively at one point. However the reality is to produce a polysynth requires a significant investment with the final product likely to interest a relatively small segment of the market. If Arturia could make money from such a thing they will do it however the smart money would be to bank some coin from simpler products in the meantime. Personally I would love a desktop or rack-mount polyBrute, and they might just make one, but not any time soon.

20-Oct-13 11:43 PM

Ola    Said...

I really find it sad and a bit amusing when amature synth-heads and geeks have the guts to complain about new gear (like oh no it's monophonic or no aftertouch/etc) when working musicians tend to be happy to use whatever they find inspiring. This really looks like a fun toy (toy as a synth you love and use, like a supernova, modular or VL-1). Looking forward to hear it and as a personal side note I hope there are no presets and no memory since this makes us use the gear more actively and just use it as a playback device. And in this way learn how to use it properly.

As for innovation, looking back at the last 25-30 years there isn't really a need for more innovation at the moment when it comes to synth-engines, what we need more is innovative controls for them. If you can't program a DX-7 (or other FM) without accidents or analyse it's sound and recreate it or do the same with a LAS synth or even a simple Poly800 or don't know your existing gear in and out and how to use it and it what situation, in case no, there is no real need for innovation. Innovation is to know how to use simple things in a complex way, not by having complex devices doing simple things (simple as simple for that specific device)

21-Oct-13 02:26 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

@Nick -

Sincere apologies for my false presumption and accusation - I'll be more careful in the future. I should have trusted the pristine reputation of this site.

Regarding a negative response to the instrument - I other wise wish Arturia success with it and realise there is a legitimate market for such an instrument, even if not for me.

21-Oct-13 04:50 AM

Nick B    Said...

Hey Synth_fan, don't worry about that! Our virtue is indeed intact, at least in some of us!

21-Oct-13 08:25 AM

blox electrix    Said...

There's so much speculation about this already. I'm just glad that it's being revealed within days of teasing rather than dragging it out forever. One question remains, is this thing going to be shipping upon announcement ?

21-Oct-13 06:01 PM

GTRman    Said...

How about a MaxiBrute ? Now that would be worth having.

21-Oct-13 07:55 PM

LagrangeAudio    Said...

@blox_electrix well as Nick inferred in his opening comments he already has a review unit so they have made it and that suggests at least production planning is well advanced. Winter NAMM is also not far away so I would expect actual shipping to coincide with that or not too far away from it.

21-Oct-13 08:20 PM

gridsleep    Said...

I was hoping it would be Alesis Andromeda V.

21-Oct-13 09:08 PM

DJ RAZZ    Said...

I only wish they would make it 37 keys in they are going mini.

21-Oct-13 09:32 PM

Cod    Said...


LOOKS TINY. SOUNDS MASSIVE. MicroBrute is the tiny analog synth with vast possibilities. Based on the award-winning designs of its little brother, the MiniBrute, the MicroBrute puts all the essential building blocks of an analog classic into a package that’s pure hands-on fun.

If you’re new to synths, you’re looking at one of the easiest to use and most unique sounding synthesizers we think money can buy. And if you’re a synth veteran, we think it won’t have escaped your attention that MicroBrute is also a seriously capable semi-modular sequence-able beast. Wait till you hear how it sounds.

Rip woofers from their housings with bass. Spend years coaxing different pads, leads, effects, wave-folded growls, vintage tones, modern tones, punchy drum kits and glittering sequences. Process audio. Sequence analog gear. Give your modular a new LFO and Envelope Generator. Hook up to your DAW and make whole tracks. Hook up to your Drumtracks, open your door, and play a whole gig.

Tiny in size, tiny in price, huge in sound, and vast in potential. We’ve had so much fun with MicroBrute: Now it’s your turn.


The voice path on MicroBrute is 100% analog. This makes for superior sound quality and warmth. The MicroBrute will inspire your tracks. The purity of signal allows it to sit in the mix well.


The MicroBrute allows you to connect to vintage gear via standard 1-Volt per octave CV/ Gate. The MIDI In jack makes the MicroBrute the perfect sound module expansion to a MIDI rig. The USB/MIDI interface will allow your MicroBrute to connect with your favorite software application. This combination of interfaces makes MicroBrute a great companion to a monolithic modular system, a classic MIDI equipped keyboard or a modern laptop


The oscillator is the heart of the MicroBrute and it does not disappoint. It features 3 waveforms that are mixable. This allows you to shape the sound in limitless ways not found on any other synths. Along with the SAW, TRIANGLE and SQUARE waves, MicroBrute features waveshapers which modify and animate the sound, to create an even wider pallet of sonic possibilities. The new Overtone Oscillator will generate additional harmonic content, ranging from one octave down to a fifth above the base Oscillator pitch. The Sub-5th control will allow you to continuously sweep spectrum. Never has a single oscillator synth sounded so big.


The Steiner-Parker filter helps to give the MicroBrute its unique sound. This filter design was first used on the classic Synthacon synthesizer in the 1970’s. With Low pass, Band pass and High pass modes, you will not find more filter personalities from any other synth in this price…even in many synths at 3 or 4 times this price.


Our new step sequencer is a source of endless inspiration. You can step input notes and rests creating rhythmic patterns that you can playback and switch between. Transpose your sequences up and down using the keyboard and you will have a new composing tool that will open up fresh ideas.


The Mod Matrix is a patchable system of modulation routing. This flexible scheme gives you not only new ways to create your own sounds, but it allows for excellent interfacing with a Minibrute or modular synths


- 25 Minikey keyboard - Octave up and down buttons allow for a full range of transpose options - Monophonic Analog synthesizer

- Steiner-Parker multimode filter .Low Pass .Band Bass .High Pass .Bi-polar Envelope amount control .Keyboard tracking

- Arturia’s famed Brute Factor - Voltage Controlled Oscillator

- Oscillator waveshapers .Ultrasaw for creating dance anthem sounds .Pulse width for creating thin nasal sounds or rich square tones .Metalizer for creating harsh, harmonically rich sounds

- Overtone Generator .additional harmonics, from 1 octave down to 5th up .Sub-+5th spectrum shaper

- Oscillator Mixer (Overtone, Saw, Triangle, Square)

- Wide range LFO with 3 waveforms .Saw, Triangle, Square .Freq range from .1Hz to 200Hz .Syncable to external sources, sequencer or internal

- ADSR envelope - VCA with GATE and ENV modes - pitchbender - Modulation wheel (can control filter cutoff or LFO amount)

- Mod Matrix – standard 1 Volt per octave .Envelope Out .LFO Out .Ultrasaw modulator In .Pulse width mod In .Metalizer In .Overtone/Sub modulator In .Cutoff In .Pitch In

- External Audio Input with Input level control - 1/8” headphone output and 1/4” audio output

- CV/GATE interface .Pitch Out .Gate Out .Gate In

- MIDI Input - USB 2.0 Type B jack - Glide time control

- Step Sequencer .Rate control knob .Tap Tempo button/Rest input in record mode .8 storeable sequences .PLAY and RECORD modes .Sync to external MIDI clock

- 12Volt, 1Amp Center pin + DC connector - Weight (1.750 Kg) - Dimensions (325x221x60mm)

22-Oct-13 10:36 AM

Richard    Said...

Looks great, can't wait for the review Nick, as always you do a stellar job! :)

22-Oct-13 10:53 AM

Ununseptium    Said...

I was hoping it was going to be an expander for my electric accordian.

22-Oct-13 04:09 PM

LagrangeAudio    Said...

The one thing I love about the miniBrute is the fact that you can go and make a cup of tea while it warms up for a few minutes, then come back, tune it and away you go. Will the micro have the same character? I hope so!!!

22-Oct-13 09:29 PM

monophobe    Said...

while i cannot really justify to buy another analog monosynth, it has an impressive featureset and if the sound holds up i might get one just to have an affordable CV gate keyboard. Love that you can transpose the sequences a la Sh 101. Nice move Arturia- hope you sell tons of those

23-Oct-13 05:02 AM

gridsleep    Said...

The price point is the only thing that puts this ahead of a Waldorf Pulse+. But just by a hair's breadth. Not the Pulse 2, mind you, which doesn't have CV/Gate.

24-Oct-13 02:35 PM

patrickdafonk    Said...


24-Oct-13 07:23 PM

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