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Nord Drum 2 Updated
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WaveFormTX    Said...

Look forward to what this can do. Hey Nick, are you planning to review this?

18-Oct-13 06:28 PM

Randolph Knackstedt    Said...

I wish Clavia would take something like the Nord Drum and elevate it into a virtual analog drum synthesizer that offers more parameters, extensive editing to create and shape sounds, and real-time tweaking. Something like a Nord Lead rack with lots of knobs, but specially designed for drum / cymbal / percussion synthesis.

Like the Nord Drum, but taken to a whole new level. It could have around 6 voice outs, a master out, and allow enough drum pad triggers for a full kit.

Midi, & USB so we could load sounds into the synthesizer to tweak them, and layer, or play in combination with the source sounds.

Filters, LFO’s, effects such as gated reverb, distortion, EQ, compression, re-triggers, delay, etc.

Both the dance music community and drummers / percussionists looking for electronic sounds would gobble this up.

This could really be a beast of a drum synthesis machine. And I feel it would be a great seller.

28-Jan-14 10:30 PM

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